Raymond George Kennedy

Raymond George Kennedy

Brooklyn, NY


Versatile, experienced engineer who takes pride in creating beautiful products. Currently focused on Gaming + Audio experiences.



From-To is a website I built for a self-inflicted hackathon with a close friend/collaborator. From-To helps you quickly learn the ins and outs of a new city by comparing it to a city you're familiar with.

From-To has received a ton of traffic (~50k Maus) because of viral Tik Tok videos. Our Google Cloud bills (Places API) are out of control so if anyone has recs for how to monetize or reduce costs let me know xD.

We used OpenAI's ChatGPT Turbo 4 to generate neighborhood mappings and it works surprisingly well! Give it a shot yourself: from-to.app


The easiest to use and highest quality vocals/instrumental separation app. Completely rebuilt from v1, created in 2020 (see below). Reconstructed using Facebook's Demucs v4 audio source separation algorithm. stems.app


In March of 2022 I was listening to an unhealthy amount of NTS Radio (nts.live). I was frustrated that there was no AppleTV app to listen to the live streams, so I built it myself! It was actually really fun using this as a little SwiftUI crash course (have done a ton of UIKit work in the past), and developing for the AppleTV is tricky because your input is so limited. Thousands of people have downloaded it so I guess I wasn't alone :))

Work Experience

2022 — 2023

Hang is a B2B2C company which can be most simply described as "Stripe for Loyalty". Hang integrates directly with the brands' PoS (Toast/Shopify/Square).

Created a visual loyalty experience on web as well as an API for brands with custom needs. Recruited and managed the frontend team.

2017 — 2022

Accepted into Y Combinator Winter 2018. Co-Founded Watercolor Inc to focus on developing consumer products including:

Jotdown (iOS, Android, Web) - Snapchat meets twitter
id3.fm (iOS, Android, Web) - Live audio streaming platform. Think Twitch for music
Stems (Desktop) - Audio source separation software for producers
Wavedash (Web) - Letterboxd (or Goodreads) for gaming
Compton Pledge (Web) - UBI experiment in Compton, CA. Built the dashboard and payment system where residents could access their funds

Our stack for the above products (generally speaking):
Frontend: React/Next.js/Electron/react-native (with lots of bridges in Swift/Java)
API: Django
Audio/Video Streaming: C, C++

2016 — 2017
Redwood City, CA

Worked as a full stack engineer with the team responsible for growth. Added AB testing framework, introduced React to the codebase, internationalized the site.

2014 — 2016
Co-Founder & Engineer at Sesh Tutoring
San Francisco, CA

Started Sesh on the Stanford campus as a senior. Sesh was a peer to peer, on demand, tutoring app for college campuses. It was built natively for both iOS and Android. Scaled to multiple college campuses across the country until acquired by GoFundMe in 2016.

2013 — 2014
San Francisco, CA

Was part of the team that launched the epic card battle role playing game - Honorbound. Used Unity (C#) as well as Node.js for the backend.


2011 — 2015
Computer Science at Stanford University