Filipe Esteves

Filipe Esteves

Product Designer in Brazil, He/Him

My little cat named Eevee helps me develop my projects, when she is not on top of my computer...

2 years ago


Brazilian Product Designer, currently working at, a financial solutions and payment methods platform, where I work on our users' checkout experience and integration with Stone Co. products.

My skills navigate between design, business and technology, encouraging these areas to think strategically when making decisions, articulating conversations and facilitating cooperative building interactions.

With over 4 years of experience, I've worked with interface and experience design, digital design, design systems, no-code development and mentoring programs. My latest personal project was Durves (, an online platform using Javascript to generate point patterns with curves, helping other designers build their assets.

Adobe Plataform, Figma, Hotjar, Miro, Jira, Notion, Whimsical, Maze Design, Marvel, Webflow.

Visual Design, UI Critique, Design System, Usability Testing, Design Sprints facilitation, Wireframe, Prototype, Competitor Analysis, User flows, Sitemap, Journey map, Personas, Agile Enviroment, Front-end Development

Work Experience

2022 — Now
Sao Paulo, Brazil
2021 — 2022
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

WinSocial is a digital platform specialized in the inclusion of risk groups and cluster engagement in the life insurance product. The goal is to promote healthy attitudes for its customers, offering benefits to those who renew the plan with good health metrics.

Key responsibilities

• Creating user-centered designs according to business goals and user needs
• Creating userflows and journey maps
• Development of high-fidelity, pixel-perfect, and handoff layout for developers
• Creation of prototypes for user testing
• Developing and maintaining visual style guide and user interface pattern library
• Working closely with development, QA, and PM teams in an agile environment
• Validating solutions through usability testing and user feedback
• Facilitation of UX workshops such as Design Sprint and Lean Inception
• Defining goals and metrics to ensure project success
• Collaboration with UX Researcher to develop qualitative and quantitative research

During my participation in the development of the new institutional website, we were able to increase the amount of lead capture by 30% and conversion of leads into customers by 12%.

2020 — 2021
Maceió, Brazil

Weni is a platform for developing chatbots with artificial intelligence that has operations in several countries around the world, with high profile clients such as UNICEF and Stone.

Key responsibilities

• Design and maintenance of the unnnic design system.
• Pair alignment with developers for Design System development
• Design System mentor for the company's mentoring program
• Creating user-centric designs according to business goals and user needs
• Design of the information architecture of the new product
• Creating user flows and journey maps
• Developing high-fidelity, pixel-perfect and handoff layout for developers
• Prototyping for user testing
• Working closely with development and PM teams in an agile environment
• Facilitation of UX workshops such as Design Sprint and Lean Inception
• Validation of solutions through usability testing and user feedback
• Analyzing user behavior using Hotjar
• Workflow design for the company's design teams
• Development of product teaching platform aligned with marketing

During my journey at Weni, we were able to unify 3 products into one and developed the new institutional page, which ensured ease and increased sales of the product. This was possible with the help of unnnic., which ensured the speed of development of the platform and increased visual consistency between the interfaces.

2020 — 2020
Maceió, Brazil

Trakto is a startup whose main product is an online graphic editor, with a main focus on entrepreneurial users, so they can create artwork quickly and conveniently for their business.

Key responsibilities

• Maintenance of the Kamaleon design system
• Alignment in pairs with developers for development of the Design System
• Alignment with stakeholders and B2B clients for new contract development
• Development of high fidelity layouts and prototypes for B2B audience
• Handoff of interfaces and components to developers
• Creation of institutional campaign pages
• Creation of user flows and journey maps

While at Trakto, I was responsible for the interface development, aligned with the developers, of Trakto Links, today the most used feature of the platform and largely responsible for the conversion of users.

2019 — 2020
UI/UX Designer at EngApp
Maceió, Brazil

EngApp is a digital innovation and agile software development company that combines innovation processes, UX design and cutting-edge technology.

Key responsibilities

• User experience metrics research and management
• Development of low to high fidelity wireframes
• High-fidelity prototype development
• Persona study
• Creation and maintenance of style guides, as well as handoff to developers
• Information architecture development
• Content creation for e-mail marketing
• Graphic design activities in general, such as development of advertising pieces, visual identity for clients, and office graphic materials

EngApp was my first experience as a product designer and was essential to my professional development. I was able to participate in large and small projects in many different niches. During my participation I learned, mainly, how to develop my solutions in a fast way and maintain a clear and efficient communication with the development team.

2013 — 2016
Graphic Designer at Freelancer

Development of graphic pieces for advertising in physical and digital media.

Side Projects


umpontoseis is a digital agency from Alagoas, Brazil, that develops the design of digital products. The processes are elaborated end-to-end during the conception of the client's product, from research for discovery and definition of needs to final delivery and monitoring of product metrics after launch.



Digital Business Metrics from PM3
HXconf 2022 from Design From Human
Desgn System Specialist from Meiuca
2021 — 2024
Google Analitycs for Beginners from Google
Design System & Ops from Meiuca


2023 — Now
Digital Marketing at Descomplica
2018 — 2021
Information Systems at Instituto Federal de Alagoas
Maceió, Brazil
2016 — 2017
Computer Science at Universidade Federal de Alagoas
Maceió, Brazil