Creative Marketing Lead in Toronto, ON, She/Her


Hi 👋🏽 I am Fatima.

I am a multifaceted brand cultivator specializing in bespoke brand + web development, content creation, creative direction & community cultivation. My expertise lies in transforming brands into immersive digital experiences that resonate & impact.

Work Experience

2022 — Now
Head of Retention at starryai inc.

🚀 Social Media & Community Growth Strategist
✶ Orchestrated the strategic expansion of the company's social media presence on platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and emerging channels.

👥 Community Builder & Leader
✶ Pioneered and cultivated a vibrant Discord community, achieving a remarkable milestone of 80,000+ members within just 14 months.
✶ Directed and ensured the sustained engagement of an 80K+ member community, adeptly coordinating virtual events and community schedules with a proficient team of 9 moderators.

📈 Marketing Maven & Content Curator
✶ Developed and executed compelling marketing campaigns, consistently delivering high-quality, engaging content on social media platforms while adhering to brand guidelines.

🔥 Brand Engagement Strategist
✶ Drove brand engagement and heightened awareness by tailoring messaging to cater to diverse user segments, contributing to a deeper understanding of the app's user base.

🤝 Partnership & Alliances Builder
✶ Successfully forged strategic partnerships with influential AI art influencers and other key community stakeholders, elevating the brand's presence and impact.

📊 Social Media Performance Analyst
✶ Systematically reported on social media organic performance, providing valuable insights on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis while conducting in-depth trend analyses.

2020 — Now

Notable Brands: Tilden Cocktails, Neato, Micheal Todd Beauty, No Code MBA

🎨 Creative Team Leader & Operations Maestro
✶ Directed a dynamic creative team of 5, ensuring streamlined workflows to deliver exceptional service to the studio's clients and maintain the smooth operation of internal and external processes.

🚀 Strategic Brand & Marketing Visionary
✶ Conceived and crafted comprehensive brand strategies and marketing plans for small businesses, leveraging deep insights and creative vision.

🤝 Personalized Marketing Blueprint Creator
✶ Collaborated closely with clients on a 1:1 basis to develop personalized marketing blueprints, including buyer's journey mapping, consumer behavior analysis, funnel strategy, and the creation of strategic marketing campaigns.

👥 Client-Centric Marketing Supervisor
✶ Oversaw and guided the team in executing marketing efforts for clients, ensuring timely and efficient goal attainment.

📊 Data-Driven Campaign Analyst
✶ Methodically analyzed data and generated reports on marketing campaigns to ensure targets were met, making data-driven adjustments to enhance marketing plans.

🌟 WordPress & Webflow Optimization Expert
✶ Elevated client websites on WordPress and Webflow, optimizing them to attract ideal clients and drive conversions.

✒️ Storytelling Maven
✶ Conceptualized and delegated the creation of compelling stories for clients and personal social media channels and blogs, enriching content and engagement.

📈 Marketing Campaign Strategist
✶ Strategically planned and executed marketing campaigns for both the studio's social media channels/blog and various clients, resulting in enhanced brand visibility and engagement.

🎨 Versatile Content Creator
✶ Produced diverse content, including graphic design, photography, articles, slides, and more, for both clients and the studio's social media channels and blog, contributing to captivating online presence.

2021 — 2023
Marketing Manager & Content Creator at Nadege Patisserie
Etobicoke, ON

📸 Creative Content Producer
✶ Proficiently created, edited, and shared captivating social media content encompassing photography, video, and graphic design.

🚀 Digital Marketing Strategist
✶ Formulated and executed marketing strategies tailored to the Nadège brand, fostering follower growth, engagement, and brand loyalty across all social media platforms.

🌐 Social Media & Website Manager
✶ Effectively managed all social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, while ensuring the Nadège website remained up-to-date with fresh product offerings.

🌟 Influencer Relationship Builder
✶ Established and cultivated relationships with food influencers and local media entities within Toronto, enhancing the brand's presence and reach.

✍️ Copywriting Maestro
✶ Crafted engaging digital and in-store copy for products, posters, and social media, delivering compelling messaging to captivate audiences.

💬 Community Engagement Expert
✶ Meticulously maintained community management, responding to customer inquiries and feedback on various online platforms, including Google Reviews and direct messages.

🤝 Agency Liaison & Event Coordinator
✶ Acted as the key liaison for agencies, orchestrating events, media interviews, and managing public relations inquiries, promoting brand visibility and reputation.

🖨️ In-House Asset Producer
✶ Managed the production and printing of essential in-house assets, including posters, tags, and labels, ensuring cohesive branding and marketing collateral.

2022 — 2022
Social Media Strategist & Coordinator at Neato

📊 Social Media Strategy
✶ Held accountable for devising and executing a comprehensive social media strategy encompassing all current platforms.

🌐 Coordination & Networking
✶ Served as a key liaison to synchronize all social media marketing activities, sourcing content from various departments, securing PR opportunities, and forging strategic partnerships with key stakeholders.

🎨 Creative Content Creation
✶ Assumed responsibility for crafting and implementing captivating social media content, including copywriting, to foster brand engagement and resonance.

👥 Community Building & Engagement
✶ Proficiently managed and nurtured online communities across all brand channels, addressing social customer care, engaging potential clients, and fostering synergy among various social media platforms.

2017 — 2018
Social Media Manager at Eventspot
Toronto, ON

🚀 Social Media Strategy
✶ Expertly designed social media strategies to meet and surpass marketing targets.

📝 Content Creation and Management
✶ Spearheaded the creation and publication of original, high-quality content to engage and inform the audience.

📲 Social Media Account Administration
✶ Managed and maintained the company's social media accounts, ensuring consistently up-to-date content.

📚 Collaborative Content Curation
✶ Collaborated with writers and designers to create compelling and informative content that resonated with the audience.

🎉 Vendor Engagement
✶ Partnered with vendors to generate social media excitement surrounding our site launch, fostering anticipation and buzz.

📊 Data-Driven Reporting
✶ Produced monthly reports for each social media channel, providing valuable insights and performance analytics.

🌐 Network Building and Outreach
✶ Actively engaged with industry professionals via social media to expand and strengthen professional connections and network.

🎨 Layout Oversight
✶ Supervised the layout and design of social media accounts, ensuring a visually appealing and cohesive brand presence.

📈 Innovative Customer and Vendor Attraction
✶ Proposed and implemented creative strategies, including promotions and competitions, to attract prospective customers and vendors

2016 — 2017
Marketing Coordinator at SecurU
Milton, ON

📊 Data-Driven Social Media Strategy
✶ Leveraged Google Analytics to craft data-driven social media strategies, driving business growth and success.

💼 Sales Lead Generation
✶ Proficiently harnessed the power of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to generate valuable sales leads, contributing to business expansion.

📝 Content Creation and Promotion
✶ Creatively developed blog posts, videos, and generated online buzz to enhance brand presence and excitement around SecurU.

📈 Strategic Marketing Planning
✶ Took ownership of developing both short-term and long-term personal marketing plans and objectives, contributing to personal and organizational growth.

2015 — 2016
Marketing Coordinator & Social Media Manager at PolicyMedical
Richmond Hill, ON

🤝 Collaborative Support to Director of Media & Marketing
✶ Provided invaluable assistance to the Director of Media & Marketing, supporting their various responsibilities and initiatives.

📢 Event Organization & Campaign Management
✶ Orchestrated speaking engagements, conferences, webinars, and email campaigns, ensuring successful execution and engagement.

📱 Social Media Management
✶ Effectively managed and maintained the company's diverse social media channels, enhancing brand visibility and engagement.

📈 Sales Support & Conference Preparation
✶ Collaborated with the Sales Manager to prepare for conferences, contributing to successful sales endeavors.

📋 Marketing Material Coordination
✶ Assisted in coordinating the company's marketing materials, encompassing both digital and physical formats, ensuring a cohesive brand image.

🌐 Website Management & Digital Oversight
✶ Played a pivotal role in managing the company website and digital output, contributing to an enhanced online presence.

🤝 Cross-Functional Liaison
✶ Acted as a bridge between the CEO, Marketing, Sales, Graphic Design, and Website Design teams, facilitating effective communication and collaboration.

2016 — 2016
Social Media Specialist at Variation Media
Oakville, ON

🚀 Strategic Social Media Leadership
✶ Accountable for crafting and executing a comprehensive social media strategy across various platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Medium, Blogger, and LinkedIn.

🎨 Creative Content Creation
✶ Spearheaded the creation and implementation of engaging social media content, including copywriting, to foster brand resonance and engagement.

👥 Community Management
✶ Proficiently managed and nurtured online communities across all brand channels, addressing social customer care, engaging potential clients, and fostering synergy among various social media platforms.

📊 Data-Driven Insights & Reporting
✶ Demonstrated ownership of platforms such as Google Analytics and Hootsuite, consistently tracking, reporting, and providing insights on trends, along with actionable recommendations.



A curation of creative projects developed for various clients.


Website custom designed on Figma and developed on Webflow

Side Projects


Ideation and creative explorations for personal brand initiative.


2015 — 2020
Bachelor of Design at OCAD University
Toronto, ON
2011 — 2015
Bachelor of Commerce at McMaster University
Hamilton, ON


Frontend Development from Bitmaker