Fabio Sasso

Fabio Sasso

Product Designer in Oakland, CA


Head of design for Android for cars (android auto, automotive OS and Google Automotive Services aka GAS).

Aside from my main duties, I also run a digital design publication called Abduzeedo.com and developed a breathing app called Calmaria.app aimed at promoting better mental health and reducing anxiety.



I oversee the operation of both the B2B/B2B2C Android Automotive OS and the consumer-facing product, Android Auto (B2C). I lead a diverse group of design managers and designers, guiding them through every step of the UX design process, from research and idea generation to prototyping, finalizing design specifications, and deployment. I play a critical role in crafting a compelling product vision for the automotive industry and collaborate closely with product management, engineering, and other UX teams across Google to ensure on-time delivery and smooth execution of strategic roadmaps.

Side Projects


Abduzeedo is a global network of individual writers who publish articles on design, photography, and UX. Established in 2006 as a personal blog, it has since evolved into a widely-read digital publication featuring contributions from writers across the world.

As the designer and developer, I have been actively maintaining the site since its inception in 2006. To date, Abduzeedo.com has received nearly a billion visitors and attracts hundreds of thousands site visits. I stay up-to-date with industry trends, work to foster growth within the online community or just get inspired.


Buft: the easy way to visualize compounding! Inspired by Buffet & Munger "sit-on-your-ass" investment strategy, it's your pocket guide to see money's potential growth.

The goal for this project was to exercise my design and programing skills (SwiftUI).


Calmaria is a breathing app designed to bring calmness and serenity to daily life. I have combined a Portuguese term meaning "calmness, tranquility, and calm" - often used by seafarers and surfers to describe calm waters. The app guides users through deep breaths to help them find peace and relaxation in the midst of everyday chaos. To learn more, please visit calmaria.app.

I developed the Android version of the app using Kotlin and the iOS and Apple Watch app using SwiftUI. I also created the promotional site and marketing materials. Calmaria was recognized as one of the "Best Android Apps" by Google Play in 2020 and was featured on Fast Company as one of the top apps of the year.



"Just breathe: As an app for breathing exercises, Calmaria doesn’t try to do too much, but that’s why it’s great. Just tap the big sun icon in the middle of the screen to start a session of four seconds inhaling, seven seconds holding your breath, and eight seconds exhaling, repeated four times. There are no ads, in-app purchases, or other distractions, and the sole setting is an optional “’80s theme” that adds a gradient effect to the sun icon. The app seems to exist solely to make folks feel better."


Calmaria.app was awarded as one of the Play Best Android apps in 2020 in the Best Everyday Essential Apps.



Designers from Google, Microsoft, Nike, Pentagram, and more weigh in on the most pressing challenges facing the industry today.

Work Experience

2021 — Now
2016 — 2019
2013 — 2016
2011 — 2013
Mountain View, California

Worked on different projects including Google Wallet, Google Offers, Google Shopping, Google Search and Google Maps

2004 — 2011
Porto Alegre, Brazil

The founder of Zee, a design studio with the mission to assist small and medium-sized businesses in establishing a strong online presence. The studio was known for its focus on balancing both form and function in its designs. In addition, Zee was among the pioneers in the industry, specializing in search engine optimization (SEO) for its clients. By offering this unique combination of design and SEO expertise, Zee helped businesses enhance their online visibility and reach their target audience effectively.

1998 — 2003
Porto Alegre, Brazil