Ese Gift Monday

Ese Gift Monday

Frontend Engineer in Lagos Nigeria, She/Her


Hey 👋🏾 I'm Ese

  • Frontend Engineer with over 5 years of experience proficient in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, React.js, and Vue.js

  • Strong understanding of responsive web design principles and collaborative team player, working closely with designers and backend developers

  • Experienced in writing unit and integration tests using Jest and Enzyme

  • Knowledgeable in cloud technologies, particularly AWS and containerization with Docker and orchestration using Kubernetes



Tempo is built using cutting-edge technologies to ensure a seamless user experience and accurate weather data retrieval. Our tech stack includes:

  • React: Tempo harnesses the power of React, a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces. With React, we create dynamic and responsive components that make navigating the app intuitive and enjoyable.

  • OpenWeatherMap API: We leverage the OpenWeatherMap API to fetch real-time weather information and forecasts. This API provides reliable data on current weather conditions, forecasts for the upcoming days, and other meteorological parameters essential for planning activities.

  • Geonames API: To enhance location-based services, Tempo integrates the Geonames API. This allows users to easily search for and select their desired locations, ensuring accurate weather data retrieval tailored to their specific area.

In addition to these technologies, Tempo utilizes Redux Toolkit and local storage for state management and data persistence, respectively. By combining React, OpenWeatherMap API, Geonames API, Redux Toolkit, and local storage, Tempo delivers a robust and feature-rich weather app that keeps users informed and prepared for any weather conditions. Whether you're planning a trip or simply staying local, Tempo has you covered with accurate and up-to-date weather information.



Browsers have different default styles for various elements, such as headings, lists, and links. This can lead to inconsistencies in your layout and design, especially when viewed in different browsers. By using a CSS reset, you can remove these default styles and ensure that all elements have a consistent appearance across all browsers.


This article will guide you through implementing a cookie consent component using the npm package `next-cookie`.

Work Experience

2023 — Now
  1. Led the development of  Profitall’s e-commerce solution -Marketsq on web platform, including core features such as user management, cart functionality, order creation & tracking, wallet creation and logistics

  2. Utilized Next.js and TypeScript for enhanced page load speed and SEO performance through server-side rendering (SSR) capabilities.

  3. Automated Digital Marketing with Mailchimp Integration: Spearheaded Mailchimp integration with frontend forms, resulting in a substantial increase in collected emails and automated digital marketing success.

  4. Implemented responsive design principles with Tailwind CSS to optimize user experiences across devices  and flexible layout techniques for adaptive UIs.

  5. l Monitored website performance using A/B testing  like Google Search Console and Google Analytics to identify and address SEO and accessibility issues and opportunities for improvement.

2022 — 2022
  1. Led the frontend team in developing solutions that strictly conformed to the requirements provided in the business documentation, while utilizing Storybook for component-driven development and streamlined UI testing.

  2. Executed successful system integration strategies for payment processing on multiple USSD platforms of network providers, leading to seamless payment processing and less application downtime

  3. Analyzed and documented business and customer requirements using Balsamiq and, resulting in the successful implementation of 15+ technical solutions that met project needs.

  4. Achieved high-quality production-ready REST APIs through comprehensive testing, troubleshooting, and collaboration with the development team, ensuring compliance with business requirements and contributing to the overall success of the project.

  5. Developed high-quality production-ready REST APIs through comprehensive testing, troubleshooting, and collaboration with the development team, ensuring compliance with business requirements.

2022 — 2022
  1. Designed and implemented highly effective staking models for node operators on multiple blockchain networks, resulting in a 20% increase in staked assets, through comprehensive analysis of staking protocols, collaboration with cross-functional teams, and expert knowledge of emerging industry trends.

  2. Developed and implemented the Horus verification tool for Staknet blockchain platform, ensuring efficient compiler verification of smart contracts in Cairo language, and contributed to platform's security and performance through extensive testing, stakeholder collaboration, and expert knowledge smart contract verification.

  3. Conducted rigorous audits of Solidity and Cairo Language smart contracts, identifying potential vulnerabilities, collaborating with cross-functional teams to address issues, and contributing to the development of best practices for smart contract design and implementation. Reduced smart contract verification rejection rate by 33% to ensure high-performance and secure blockchain network


2019 — Now
Blockchain Development Lead at Blockchain Club University of Benin
Benin, Nigeria
  1. Course Leader for the University's Blockchain Club, teaching Web3 Development to University students.

  2. Taught an introductory course covering HTML, CSS, and Javascript, with the Etherjs Bootstrap library.

  3. Created a unique and engaging learning experience for students, encouraging their passion for Web3 Development.

  4. Inspired students to create impressive content and projects by sharing knowledge and expertise.

  5. Contributed to the growth of the University's Blockchain Club and helped foster a community of learners and enthusiasts.


2015 — 2021
Bachelors of Petroleum Engineering at University of Benin
Benin, Nigeria



Earners of this badge have completed the Getting Started with Storage training and achieved the required scores on the post-course assessment. They have demonstrated the ability to describe storage solutions and use Amazon S3 to store and retrieve objects.


Earners of this badge have completed the Cloud Computing 101 training and achieved the required scores on the post-course assessment. They have demonstrated the ability to create simple cloud applications in a virtual lab environment. They have shown a fundamental understanding of AWS cloud core services and understand the technical roles required for cloud success.


Cisco verifies the earner of this badge successfully completed the Introduction to Cybersecurity course. The holder of this student-level credential has introductory knowledge of cybersecurity, including the global implications of cyber threats on industries, and why cybersecurity is a growing profession. They understand vulnerabilities and threat detection and defense. They also have insight into opportunities available with pursuing cybersecurity