Ericson Luciano

Ericson Luciano

Product Designer in Manila, Philippines

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5 months ago


Product designer focused on user interfaces and design systems who can work with code, I strive for intuitive, simple, and accessible designs.

Work Experience

2023 — Now
Taguig, Philippines (Remote)
2021 — Now
Taguig, Philippines (Remote)
  • I played a critical role in crafting high-fidelity designs that were both user-centric and aligned with product objectives, working closely with the principal product designer, product manager, UX researchers, and engineering team. My work was absolutely essential to turning product requirements and design goals into interface designs that looked good and worked well.

  • Led and managed a team of five UI designers by giving them direction, encouragement, and feedback on their work to help them grow professionally. I also gave them the tools they needed to sharpen their skills and get better at design while creating a supportive and forward-looking environment.

  • In order to ensure the accurate and efficient execution of UI designs, I closely collaborated with the development team, offering support and providing clear explanations at each stage of the process.

  • Fostered a culture of creativity, teamwork, and continuous growth within the UI Design team, empowering innovative solutions and the exploration of emerging design trends and technologies.

  • I was in charge of the initial stages and created a comprehensive design system that included UX components, guidelines, and design patterns. This documentation ensures consistency and efficiency across all platforms and products.

Key projects:
PayMongo Merchant Dashboard
PayMongo Pages
S.E.E.D.S. - PayMongo Design System

2018 — 2021
Parañaque City
  • I've worked on various projects and products from the food, fintech, and e-commerce industries as well as from the government.

  • I worked with project managers and engineers to gather and evaluate requirements. Preliminary drafts were created, and presentations were given to internal teams and key stakeholders.

  • Create UI mockups and prototypes that clearly demonstrate how websites work and look.

  • Helping and guiding designers with front-end developer and designer tasks like CSS slicing and putting email design into action.

  • Regularly held design reviews and usability testing sessions collect feedback and refine designs, guaranteeing the best possible user experience and interface usability.

  • Set up a design system for the client's project that makes it easier to make uniform parts, style guides, and design patterns. Additionally, generated at least one HTML/CSS component level to aid developers.

Key projects:
Bayad Center: Re-branding Admin Dashboard
Bayad Center: Re-branding Bill Portal
Bayad Center: Design System
EasyTrip self-service reloading kiosk
MultiSys Website
MultiPay Dashboard
Government Projects

2017 — 2017
  • Worked closely with product managers, engineers, and ux designers to define project requirements, user personas, and design goals that are in line with market research and user feedback.

  • Design solutions and the underlying rationale were effectively communicated to key stakeholders, emphasizing the benefits and impact of design decisions on user experience and business objectives.

  • Changed how users sign in and create accounts on the CRM Dashboard platform to make it better for them.

  • Facilitated prototyping and accelerated iterations to enhance the user experience.

  • Developed style guides and UI kits to expedite the development process for developers.

Key projects:
Dashboard CRM
Mobile App for Agents
Internal style guide

2014 — 2017
Makati City, Philippines
  • I've worked on various projects and products from the startup, food, fintech, and e-commerce industries

  • Created an automated workflow for front-end developers that includes designs from multiple designers and is used for each new project.

  • Dedicated efforts to develop a web application, a responsive website, and email templates. In addition, I taught junior designers how to optimize front-end development workflows with HTML/CSS.

  • Developed high-quality UI designs and components for web and mobile applications in collaboration with other designers, product managers, and software engineers.

  • Participated in the development and deployment of new features and applications, providing support and guidance to the development team as needed.

  • Kept up with new trends and technologies in web and mobile development by looking into and using new tools and methods as needed.

  • Implemented responsive and accessible UI designs that provide an optimal user experience using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other web development technologies.

Key projects:
Qwikwire Dashboard (Early stages)
Sales Runner
Kwikbus from Globe team
TapTap POS App

2014 — 2014
Quezon City, Philippines
  • Transforming wireframes into functional design prototypes and coding the designs into HTML and CSS.

  • Working with the Woqee team to design a mobile application for medical professionals.

  • Worked together on a number of internal products and projects for clients, such as the design of a Raspberry Pi and camera-based kiosk.

Key projects
Woqee (Early stages)
Camera Kiosk on Restaurant

2013 — 2014
Pasig, Philippines
  • Developed website designs that were consistent, user-friendly, and followed best practices in web design, while also being responsive and accessible across multiple devices and platforms.

  • I collaborated on internal and external projects, and designed graphics for social media, print, and websites.

  • I've participated in various hackathons to broaden my knowledge and skills in a fast-paced environment.

Key Projects:
DoubleMint Facebook Event #KabantayNgBayan
Pinoy RealTV

2012 — 2014
Freelance Designer at Freelance
Navotas City
  • Worked together on many projects with different roles, such as web design, branding, graphic design, user interface design, and development.

  • Collaborated with a range of clients, such as Velocity Local, The DZAP Group, and others.

  • Made designs for websites, social media, business materials, print materials, and more.



You probably don’t like writing if you’re anything like me. It takes a lot of time and frequently seems like overkill. Nevertheless, I try to set my worries aside since I believe writing is a skill every designer should possess. It is an effective communicative tool and a well-arranged way of achieving goals as a team.


As the end of the year approaches, I always look forward to the chance to reflect on the past 12 months. One of my favorite ways to do this is through writing, and this year I’m going to try to incorporate my love of bullet journaling into my reflection process.


It's been a year since I decided to quit my three-year job. My previous job, I must say, was undoubtedly a unique work-and-passion-driven environment wherein...

Side Projects

Bitwards at Bitwards

Get rewarded for completing exciting challenges!

Transform your daily tasks into fun challenges and unlock exciting rewards with Bitwards, the gamified loyalty app that partners with various stores and businesses!


Started to develop a curated job listing for the fintech niche.
Currently using Exploring GraphCMS + NextJS and I deployed this project on Vercel. This project is not active anymore and maybe I can switch this to Prisma + NextJS soon once I have time.


A short guide to design tokens in design systems at [Workshop] WDSW: Building your Design System with a sense of community
Philippines, Remote

PayMongo Product Design team organize an event for Word Design System Week 2022. And my topic is more about basic design tokens.


Friends of Figma advocates in the Philippines were given the opportunity to speak about the Figma workshop at the GDSC Philippines Press Play Hackfest (PPH). And I'd like to share and talk about Figma 101. Thank you for allowing me to speak in front of more than 50 high school and senior high students. (This is my first time speaking to high school students rather than college students.)

The easiest guide to Webflow for beginners at Multisys Designer Workshop

Every other two months, we have an event/workshop on anything not related to our current design workflow.Share about the webflow basic with my co-workers.


ReactJS PH organizer invited me to talk about anything related to front-end development since TailwindCSS released their new version

Introduction to Developers Connect at React Native Code Camp 2018
Quezon City, Philippines

As Event lead I discussed the Intro about Developers Connect(DevCon)

Branding & Identity for DevCon at DevCon Meet Up & Geek Up 2017
Makati City, Philippines

Talked about what we establish on the DevCon Codecamps, Campus tour, Summit, and other design-related about the brand and identity that we establish

Sass Basics at Campus DevCon at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila
Manila, Philippines

Talked about basic Sass and some fundamentals and best practices with Sass.


2019 — Now
Manila Philippines

Meet designers, grow your network, and build design skills at in-person events in the Philippines and in our online community. Open to everyone interested in learning more about Figma; advanced practitioners, aspiring designers and developers, and creatives of all types.

2019 — 2021
Manila, Philippines

I contributed to the development of the website for ReactJS Philippines (

2015 — 2019

Collaborated on designing a website for DevCon Summit and created several social media posters for both the campus DevCon and the code camp. Occasionally volunteered as an organizer for code camp and as a speaker at Campus DevCon.

2018 — 2019
Organizer at Dribbble Philippines (Manila)
Manila, Philippines

We created a design community on to spark conversations and build relationships within the creative community through meetups and other activities.

2012 — 2015
Volunteer at Drupal Philippines

Contributed as a designer in creating collaterals and occasionally assisted other volunteers during events.


2007 — 2011
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at City of Malabon University
Malabon, Philippines