eric eriksson

eric eriksson

Product Designer in New York City, he/him



I like reading sci-fi, designing for a better world, and my cat Sarabi.

Work Experience

2021 — Now

leading the mobile team.

2019 — 2021
2018 — 2019
2017 — 2018
2014 — 2018
San Francisco, CA
2011 — 2014
Stockholm, Sweden



After Hoyd (tagged) designed the first iterations of the Squarespace Commerce App, I took over and helped launch the Point of Sale features as well as the iPad version.


Designed comments, comment replies, and the in-feed comment composer, enabling people to have meaningful conversations around the content they engage with on Instagram. Researched and designed various safety and anti-bullying filters.


Researched, pitched, designed, tested, and contributed code to the first and several subsequent iterations of the Facebook Fundraising Platform. If you've ever seen, been invited to, donated to, or started a fundraiser on Facebook, I helped make that possible. As of Febuary 2020, this platform has surpassed $3 billion in funds raised for charities and non-profits.


Designed and contributed code to a global donation campaign for the benefit of emergency workers in the aftermath of the Nepal Earthquake in April, 2015. By the end of the campaign, we had raised more than $17 million dollars from 752,000+ people in 153 countries. In a week.


Designed the first free (ad-supported, highly-restricted) version of Spotify's mobile app. A complex landscape of problems to solve, chief among which was how to create an enjoyable music experience while following the many, many rules set forth by the labels. This launch was and still is regarded as the one that solidified Spotify's dominance of the streaming music market — when no other company offered free, ad-supported, on-demand music.


2010 — 2012
Bachelor, Advertising & PR at Stockholm University
Stockholm, Sweden
2007 — 2010
B.Sc., IT & Interaction Design at Royal Institute of Technology
Stockholm, Sweden



A primer on the calling that is Product Design. Written in 2014 when it was not entirely well-known. Somewhat dated, but still holds up!


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

My first, and to date, only talk given at a design conference. Was a fun experience but I think I prefer the role of attentive audience.


Ramp Design