Product Designer in San Francisco, CA, she/her


Hello! I'm En 👋🏼 I'm a product designer, climate activist, illustrator, community builder, and human-loving introvert.

My design practice is both data driven and human centric— incorporating design thinking, user research, and product strategy with a persistent focus on the user.


2012 — 2013
College of Creative Studies at UCSB
Santa Barbara

Work Experience

2021 — Now

Building a network of creative professionals taking climate action.

2020 — Now
Product Designer at Freelance

Work with a variety of clients on everything from user research to UI/UX & prototype development and production-ready specs. Further support product execution by helping manage creative and graphic design contributors.

2020 — 2020
San Francisco

Worked with product owner to define research scope, goals and processes for a hybrid recipe display and order management system to decrease order error rate. Led and drove prototype development to completion.

2017 — 2020
San Francisco

Founding product designer (and first employee) responsible for core product development and mobile/web design for various product offerings. Grew and developed a social beauty mobile app with a community of over 50,000 MAUs, designed and shipped an SEO-optimized beauty e-commerce site offering over 20,000 products, and evolved the brand over the lifetime of the company.

2017 — 2017
San Francisco

Worked with Visa's Design Innovation team to conduct user research and develop new ways for our clients to provide better payment experiences for their customers. Key projects focused on Blizzard's annual Blizcon and Marriot's in-suite payments.

2017 — 2017
Design Fellow at The Wrecking Crew
San Francisco, CA

Identified key whitespace opportunities for T-Mobile to better service their SMB customer base with a suite of new offerings. Focused on conducting user research with SMB owners and operators, synthesizing research into core insights, and developing storyboards and other artifacts for T-Mobile.

2016 — 2017
San Francisco, CA

User research and product design for native mobile application. Focused on customer onboarding and core data visualizations for monitoring heart rate and swimming activity.



Working as a lone designer is hard. Day One Design sought to bring a sense of community to first or solo designers in an early-stage startup or team.



A 4-hour long case study walkthrough on Adobe Live

2015 — 2015

Designed a visual brand, logo and additional graphic assets for use on web and physical products.