Elliott Cost

Elliott Cost

Designer in Rotterdam

Good morning-afternoon-evening, people of Read CV ~ HTML Energy is organizing several HTML freewrites on July 13 (HTML Day). So far, we have events in NYC, Toronto, and Hamburg, with more coming online soon. If you'd like to organize a freewrite in your city, get in touch ❇️

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Artist, designer, programmer creating indexes, interfaces, and environments.

Work Experience

2022 — 2023
Lead designer at mindbento

Designing software for lighter thinking.

2021 — 2022
2017 — 2022



For the last few years, I have been taking one minute videos of parks. I invite you to make a One Minute Park to help fill out all the minutes (parks) in a day.

🌳 Watch → sites.elliott.computer/one-minute-par…
🌳 Submit → are.na/elliott-cost/on…
🌳 Instructions → sites.elliott.computer/one-minute-par…

🍃 Do you run a company that is looking to support an artist? I am looking for a company sponsor for this project: email@elliott.computer


HTML Energy is a movement, podcast, and philosophy about the current state of the internet. In 2019, Laurel Schwulst and I collaborated to create this project, which focuses on the value of writing HTML by hand. Over time, the project has evolved into a larger movement, with a growing community of artists and coders who are passionate about the philosophy of HTML Energy. The podcast provides a space for discussions about the current state of the internet and its impact on our lives, while the movement encourages individuals to take control of their digital presence and reclaim agency in the online space.


A social network (with rhythm) over email. in collaboration with Mark Beasley.


A directory for exploring personal websites, experiments, and community sites.


File Life is a touring project and travel blog about letting go of files. As I travel, I collect files that people want to let go of. I ask each participant to delete the file they've given me, so that the only remaining copy exists on a USB I carry. In return, I take their files on a tour of the mountains and the oceans. When the USB fills up, I will delete the files, along with the website. You could think of this website as a memorial to files.


Special Fish is a directory of profiles, where each profile consists of a text-based log, lists, and links. The platform provides a space for individuals to share their work and connect with other creatives. The log section allows users to write about their daily lives, while lists provide a way for users to create collections of interests.


During my time at The Creative Independent, we collaborated with Are.na, a platform for connecting ideas, to design a printed book of essays. The project invited designers and artists to share their unique approaches to using the internet in a more mindful way. I was responsible for the print design of the book. The book was edited by Willa Köerner.



During a residency at Pehu, an art space in Osaka, Japan, I collaborated with fellow artist Laurel Schwulst to create an installation that drew on artifacts from our daily wanderings of the city.

New York

Sasaki Gardens in Washington Square Village was designed by Hideo Sasaki and features a series of distinctive lamps that he intended to be visible from anywhere in the garden. When I was asked to participate in an exhibition in the garden, I became fascinated by the lamps and decided to create a portrait photograph of each one. The resulting lamp index was printed at a local photo store within walking distance of the garden and displayed in its paper envelope from the store.


Curator in residence at Real time & Space, Oakland California.


I was asked to give a virtual walk through my work and the community websites I've built.


I was asked to speak at Upstatement Studio about my design work and side projects such as Special Fish and Gossip's Web.

New York

Fruitful School is an independently-run learning initiative for making websites. I was a visiting critic to Fruitful School's final project critique and was also commissioned to make a video explaining my design process.


I was invited to be a guest critic at Laura Coomb's Senior Projects Graphic Design Intensive at Pratt Institute.


Designer Min Guhong interviewed me about Special Fish for Littor Magazine, a literature magazine in South Korea.


Are.na is a platform for building ideas mindfully. Meg Miller from Are.na interviewed me about my work as a designer, curator, and archivist.


2010 — 2014
California College of the Arts