Eihab Khan

Eihab Khan

Front End Engineer in Morocco


Front End Engineer ▪︎ UI/UX Designer ▪︎ Creating modern and intuitive digital experiences. Aiming to craft quality applications and websites



Work Experience

2023 — Now
Full time - Morocco
2021 — Now
Full-time - Morocco
  • Led the design and the front end development of a proprietary Asset Management System using Next.js, enabling users to manage fixed assets such as properties, vehicles, and office equipment.

  • Designed and developed within a tight timeframe the Next.js web application for Adala - The Legal Portal of the Ministry of Justice of Morocco, providing seamless access to legal resources: adala.justice.gov.ma

  • Contributed to the design of the official website for the Ministry of Justice of Morocco: justice.gov.ma

  • Played a key role in designing, building, and deploying Next.js applications of several digital libraries including UM6P Learning Center, The House of Representatives of Morocco, INPT - Institut national des postes et télécommunications, and Al-Akhawayne University.

  • Sole front-end engineer responsible for designing and building the SIMS (Student Information Management System) for CRMEF - Centre Régional Des Métiers De L'Éducation Et De La Formation Casablanca-Settat: app.crmefcasablancaset…

  • Built the front end for a Certification Generator for ENSP - Ecole Nationale de Santé Publique, automating the process of generating certificates for over 200 students.

  • Successfully deployed front-end applications on remote servers using SSH and effectively managed processes using PM2.

  • Developed complex forms for monolithic web platforms utilizing Vue.js, enhancing user interaction and data collection capabilities.

  • Expanded the functionality of existing monolithic web applications by adding new endpoints, enabling the integration of additional features.

2019 — 2019
Contract - Libya

Designed UI and Logo for the mobile app

2019 — 2019
Graphic Designer at AA Electromechanical Services, LLC
Contract - United Arab Emirates

Worked with the company founders to establish a brand identity

  • Designed company Logo
  • Designed company business cards
  • Designed company catalog
  • Designed and developed the company's website
    Link: behance.net/gallery/113180…
2017 — 2018
Assistant at Neo Pulse
Full-time - Libya
2014 — 2018
Assistant Manager at Everest Electromechanical Services
Full-time - Libya
2016 — 2018
Full-time - Libya
  • Designed and published social media posts that were viewed by +10k viewers
  • Organically grow the audience of the social media page by +3k new members (facebook.com/E.T.studentunion)
  • Designed social media assets and banners that are used inside the college building:
    World Arduino Day: Designed notebooks, certificates, ID cards, CD covers, and brochures for this international event
    TCT: Designed logos, certificates, social media assets, flyers for this annual training event which was attended by the Libyan prime minister.
    Comedy Club: designed posters for the college's comedy club
    Designed prohibition and guidelines posters
    Designed assets for complementary recorded courses for new students
2014 — 2015
Assistant at MAS Oil
Full-time - Libya



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Side Projects


With the release of the new React website on March 16, there was a need for localization to make the documentation accessible to Arabic-speaking developers. I contributed to translating several documentation, worked with great developers, Improved my ability to write better PR requests, and as a side effect, I now know more about the Arabic grammar.


Contributed by adding Arabic documentation to Storybook.js, particularly the Introduction to Storybook


A one-stop-shop for software engineers and app developers where they can find everything they need to have the best workspace setup.
Technologies used: CRA, Styled-components, Redux, Redux Sagas, Firebase, Stripe


Instead of using "lorem ipsum" random text, Parrotxt generates real text for you to use in your UI design, making the design look as organic and as real-time as possible.



HBO's Silicon Valley is one of my favorite TV shows of all time. I've watched the entire 6-season series eleven times now.

The first time I watched the series was in 2015, and back then I was still in college and my knowledge of software was still very limited - it still is - and so whenever I heard a technical term or a term that I thought was related to startups I'd write it down in my notebook to google it later. This note is the culminated list of all those terms I wrote down across 6 seasons.


2019 — Now
Self-Taught at Home
2015 — 2019
Tripoli, Libya

Learned Web Development, graphic design, and Database Design and Management.


2017 — 2017
Tripoli, Libya

I designed all of the Rollups, ID cards, Certificates, and posters for an event called TCT an event where groups of college students volunteer and teach courses on subjects they perfect

2015 — 2015
Tripoli, Libya

I was a coordinator at an exhibition called “The Free Book Exhibition” all books at the exhibition were free donated by libraries and bookstores from all over the city