Edi Gil

Edi Gil

Design & Frontend




Designed their initial monolith into a globally distributed platform, running out of 5 AWS regions. Revenue grew from sub 1M ARR to 20M ARR supporting real-time banking and insurance applications from global firms like Klarna, Farmers, ANZ, HSBC, and Standard Chartered.

Lead Product Designer at Omniphase

I led the design and research that shaped Omniphase as a product, with a focus on tech constraints, user goals, business requirements, simplicity, usability, and visual interface.

Work Experience

2022 — 2023
Senior Product Designer at VividLabs
2021 — 2022
2019 — 2020
Senior Product Designer at TechDynamism
2019 — 2019
2012 — 2019
2015 — 2017
Remote + Dusseldorf
2015 — 2015



Designers and clients are two sides of a looking glass which leads to unique worlds governed by different laws and rules. Each one can enter their respective world through the looking glass and interact with it. Because of that, there is a gap.


This post is about everything and nothing specific, it is about emotions and philosophy. It’s about ideas and disasters. It’s about clients and your work. It’s about the good and the bad, it's about life... it’s about Design.