Dmytro Dvornichenko

Dmytro Dvornichenko

Product Designer in Kyiv, Ukraine

I help manage design teams and design data-heavy interfaces.
I'm also open to new opportunities.
Let's connect and discuss how I can be of interest to you.

A year ago


I'm a designer and manager with 15+ years of experience creating easy-to-use interfaces and leading design teams.

As a product designer, I helped industry-leading companies like
HPE, Ryanair, Fujifilm, Kantar, CPPIB, Plarium, FUIB, and WCG
to conceptualize, design, and launch products for over 300M+
users around the world.

As a design manager, I'm capable of managing highly distributed UX design teams at scale, optimizing organization-wide processes, mentoring designers, and improving the quality of design outputs.

Confident in:
• Implementing DesignOps approach within organizations
• Leading entire product design lifecycle within a team (Strategy, Concept, Research, Interaction, Visual, Testing)
• Creating and shipping well-thought Design Systems in a tight collaboration with developers

Experienced in:
• Analytics, Accounting, Financing, Healthcare domains
• CRM, ERP, SaaS, BI, LMS software
• iOS / Android / Web platforms

Supporting designers as:
• Mentor at PRJCTR Mentorship Platform
• Author of Design Mentoring framework
• Speaker for KyivUX, Projector, Telegraf.Design

I am located in Kyiv, Ukraine, and open to relocation.
I am ready to work remotely within EST and most EMEA time zones.



Work Experience

2023 — Now

Led UI redesign of the web app, created and shipped full-scale Design System for complex job management software for contractors.

2022 — 2023
London, UK

Led product design for web3 marketing analytics platform resulting in successful MVP launch within 6 months.

▪︎ Led the creation of a design system for the application, resulting in an organized and consistent user experience throughout the platform.
▪︎ Designed and released a visually engaging landing page that helped increase conversions and raise awareness.
▪︎ Created a unique brand identity, including AI-generated wombat mascots, that helped differentiate the product.
▪︎ Collaborated with the founder and product manager to shape the product's mission, goals, roadmap, and pitch deck.
▪︎ Contributed to product discovery and market research to identify the target audience and validate product-market fit, leading to increased community interest and successful conversions.

2019 — 2022
Kharkiv, Ukraine

Managed a team of 30+ designers, supporting their expertise growth and solving project-related issues, implementing company-wide design strategy, integrating Design Thinking to the SDLC, and consulting on design processes for multiple projects.

▪︎ Initiated changes in Software Licensing policies, resulting in a shorter request processing time, reduced yearly cost of design-related software, and reduced average project kick-off time.
▪︎ Started transition to an updated design management workflow, simplifying hiring, staffing, and performance review activities for 200+ designers and managers across the organization.
▪︎ Secured new clients and boosted revenue by actively participating in sales activities like presenting Design Expertise, creating concepts, negotiating deals, briefing clients, and leading design kick-off activities.
▪︎ Improved Design Delivery in 5+ project teams by facilitating design review sessions, conducting design audits, and reporting to clients and Delivery Directors, leading to increased client demand for team services and enhanced team collaboration.
▪︎ Successfully built relationships with leaders across the company, leading to increased Design Services sales and an increased budget allocated to the design team.
▪︎ Completed individual development plans with 10+ designers by developing clear goals and action plans, providing guidance and support, and fostering a productive working environment.

2020 — 2020
London, UK

▪︎ Led the creation of a concept UI design approach for a collaboration platform and contributed to user research and product vision, resulting in a multi-year software engineering contract with a top-tier investment fund.
▪︎ Led a product design team during the MVP phase and supported building a foundation for a design system, speeding up iteration and delivery time.

2018 — 2019
Kharkiv, Ukraine

WCG, remote

▪︎ Revamped design process and introduced client engagement activities, resulting in an additional contract, team expansion, and tighter collaboration with software engineering teams.
▪︎ Developed a concept for a clinical care application, heavily used across the organization to demonstrate capabilities and support sales activities.
▪︎ Completed the discovery phase for a major release, delivering essential documentation, including a design concept and a prioritized feature backlog

2017 — 2017
Kyiv, Ukraine

Led the research, prototyping, and redesign of the mPOS reader app.

▪︎ Facilitated workshops with stakeholders to gather business insights and analyze current app solutions, resulting in a deeper understanding of business needs.
▪︎ Design core user flows, interactions, and native UI for iOS and Android, resulting in a snappy and predictable user experience praised by customers in App Store reviews.
▪︎ Contributed to branding and marketing materials design, including the mPOS reader package, stickers, and landing page modules.

2014 — 2017
Kharkiv, Ukraine

Designed numerous browser game features played by 250M+ users across 150 countries.

▪︎ Redesigned core in-game UI elements such as onboarding, window system, and action panel, reducing overall drop-offs and increasing retention and engagement
▪︎ Collaborated with Player Support Dept. to identify and resolve issues with the in-game store resulting in a 25% increase in sales.
▪︎ Introduced a wireframe design kit that streamlined the prototyping process and reduced the UI design iteration time.

2013 — 2014
Dublin, Ireland

Ryanair, on-site

Led the redesign of the check-in user interface for Ryanair with a focus on personalization, resulting in an overwhelming increase in business metrics and customer satisfaction rate.

▪︎ Developed an information architecture focusing on accessibility and predictability, resulting in a massive decrease in customer support inquiries over time.
▪︎ Created wireframes and prototypes to effectively communicate design concepts and gather feedback from stakeholders, resulting in a design that meets business expectations.
▪︎ Designed a seamless and personalized check-in user flow and UI, greatly reducing the number of steps and successful check-in process duration.
▪︎ Implemented a responsive design approach to ensure optimal user experience across all devices, significantly increasing check-ins from mobile.
▪︎ Collaborated with cross-functional teams, including executives, analysts, developers, and customer service, to ensure seamless integration and implementation of the new check-in interface.

2013 — 2013
Kharkiv, Ukraine

Kantar Media, remote

Led design research, prototyping, and interaction design for core user interfaces of Kantar Media web & media analytics service.

▪︎ Led the discovery phase, resulting in a deeper understanding of business needs and increased client engagement.
▪︎ Developed an information architecture, user flows, interactions, and visual design for core modules (Dashboards, Reports, Onboarding)
▪︎ Created data visualization guidelines for d3.js modules, achieving better accessibility KPIs than competitors.

2011 — 2013
Kharkiv, Ukraine

Designed comprehensive concept, UX, interaction, and UI design for mobile banking apps of top-8 Ukrainian bank FUIB (ПУМБ) on iPad, iPhone, Android, and web platforms.

Awarded as ‘The most innovative online bank in Ukraine’ by Forbes in 2012.

▪︎ Contributed to the pre-sales process by presenting design concepts and strategies to potential clients, resulting in a contract for a UX Design of iPhone and iPad apps.
▪︎ Worked closely with the banking departments to ensure each app met security requirements and the technical solution was feasible, resulting in a seamless development process and on-time delivery of milestones.
▪︎ Conducted competitor research and guerrilla user testing, resulting in substantially improved user task completion time compared to the competition.
▪︎ Implemented efficient design feedback flow by introducing rapid prototyping activities, resulting in a faster iteration process and improved communication with the stakeholder team.
▪︎ Implemented the UI design of the mobile apps, resulting in a visually compelling and easy-to-use interface that many bank clients received well.
▪︎ Collaborated with the marketing team to ensure the branding and messaging of the apps aligned with the company’s overall strategy, resulting in a cohesive brand experience across all platforms.

2011 — 2011
Kharkiv, Ukraine

Designed responsive web UI for leading Ukrainian online stores (Rozetka, Comfy, Eldorado, Fotomag) with the supervision of Senior UX designers, created custom illustrations for promotions and special projects.

2008 — 2008
Kharkiv, Ukraine

Prototyped and designed websites, branding & promotional materials for small e-commerce stores and businesses in Ukraine.



At this panel discussion, Dmytro Dvornichenko, Max Kiryanov, and Ivan Dankov will discuss when it's the right time to develop a Design System, what is necessary for its support, and how to communicate that to the team members.


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The most innovative online bank in Ukraine from Forbes

I was a key designer for the mobile banking suite for FUIB (ПУМБ), which received recognition as "The most innovative online bank in Ukraine" by Forbes in 2012 for its comprehensive concept, UX, interaction, and UI design across iPad, iPhone, Android, and web platforms.



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2005 — 2010
Junior Specialist at Kharkiv Patent & Computer College
Kharkiv, Ukraine

Computer systems and networks service

Kharkiv Patent and Computer College is licensed on the status of a higher educational institution at the level of qualification requirements for junior specialists, with more than 23 thousand specialists trained circa 1926.

Kharkiv, Ukraine

Telecommunications Engineering

Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (KNURE) is a higher education institution of the highest level of accreditation in Ukraine. It is one of the oldest technology universities in Ukraine, with over 8000 students and 30 scientific centers.