Dul Zorigoo

Dul Zorigoo

Product Designer in London, He/Him

Did someone say mech themed website? dzrgo.com/

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Converging data, function and art.



Work Experience

2023 — Now
2019 — Now
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

With 3 friends, I started Arctekstudio, a small design practice offering digital design services to business in Mongolia and Asia from the ground up.

So far we have worked with over 40 clients, spanning large corporates redefining their products to small startups creating their first components in Figma.

2019 — 2021
Taipei, Taiwan

I worked with the team at Tenten Creative to lead, design and manage ongoing projects from clients such as FarEasTone Telecom, Continental Holding Group, Chineasy, Area02 and more.

I lead our design team to understand problems, discuss with stakeholders and design websites, app and digital products to accomplish specific business goals for our clients.

We've laid the founding components for venture backed startups in Taiwan, helped telecom companies differentiate their value in the wake of 5G and more.

2017 — 2019
Business Development Associate at What3words
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia



Anyone who has used Notion for a long time knows that the mobile experience is far from being as intuitive and clear as the desktop apps. From experience using it personally and seeing colleagues use it, I’ve seen and experienced mis-clicks, wrong gestures, mis-edits, and lots of misunderstandings in areas such as navigation, editing and etc…
Thus, here I would like to make a small improvement to some parts of the Notion mobile app to make it more user-friendly, clear, and overall give users a better experience.

As of now the Notion app has made major updates to their app, and a new case study is on the way :D


The Agency Model is Changing at ISOBAR Taiwan

The agency model is changing. The model of sweat capital is slowly fading, in its stead collaboration models like creative capital are also slowly on the rise. I gave a talk at ISOBAR Taiwan talking about how our team at Tenten Creative is practicing the creative capital model, its advantages and disadvantages.


2013 — 2018
Bachelor of Foreign Relations at National University of Mongolia