Doug Leonardo

Doug Leonardo

UX | Product Design in Sao Paulo, Brazil, He/Him

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For nearly twenty years, I've helped organizations achieve their goals through website and mobile app design, with a focus on improving the user experience.

I'm a Nielsen Norman Group certified UX and UI Design Specialist, hold two design degrees and have a solid expertise covering the entire process of digital product design from discovery to delivery, as well as leading UX and product design teams.

Additionally, my background in graphic and web design has equipped me with a keen eye for visual aesthetics and user-centric solutions.

Side Projects


Infographic of the graphic design history based on the book written by Philip Meggs. The infographic was designed in 2010 as the capstone project for my bachelor's degree at Mackenzie University.

Work Experience

2020 — 2023
São Paulo, Brazil

The main challenges at this position were:

  • Build the design team chapters;

  • Strengthen our processes;

  • Improve effectiveness of UX initiatives.


  • Contribute to the cultural transformation of the company, migrating from traditional project management to agile;

  • Discovery, co-creation and brainstorming remote sessions facilitation using Miro;

  • Team budget setting to effectively support the squads;

  • Hire Product Designers, UI Designers, UX Writers and UX Researchers;

  • Conduct sessions of team building with the design team;

  • Create and conduct design sync routines focusing on collaboration and experiences sharing;

  • Conduct feedbacks and 1:1 sessions with the team members;

  • Create Design Ops and Research Ops work groups to define, document and communicate the team's processes, continuously improving it;

  • Support the design system project and engage dev and product leaderships;

  • NPS, CSAT and CES monitoring;

  • Collaborate with product managers and developers to understand project goals.


  • Consistent improvement of NPS, CSAT, Google Play and Apple Appstore scores over the time;

  • Extensive improvement of the onboarding experience, recognized as the second best banking onboarding UX and the one with the most progress YoY (2022, Idwall);

  • Team growth and design chapters creation: from 4-5 UX designers to 22 team members (product designers, UX writers, UX researchers and UI designers);

  • Uniformity of team activities, deliverables and task management;

  • Creation of a beta users community;

  • Adoption of new tools for research such as Typeform and Maze to collect user feedbacks (CSAT, CES, NPS), run surveys and remote usability tests;

  • Pix full experience (Brazilian instant payment) and regulatory releases of Open Finance;

  • New UI theme for the premium tier of Modalmais' clients (Modal Premium);

2019 — 2020
Sao Paulo, Brasil

Main challenges:

  • Lead the team of 3-6 designers while simultaneously working as a product designer;

  • Create the initial definitions, product design guidelines and documentation for the team processes;

  • Bring the voice of the clients to product decisions;


  • Hire the first UX designers, set the roles and goals and manage tasks;

  • Facilitate discovery, co-creation and brainstorming in-person sessions;

  • Create guidelines / styleguides / UI Kit (later evolved to a design system documentation)

  • Information and navigation architecture;

  • Service blueprint / journey mapping for main features and new products and functionalities;

  • Wireframes and prototypes using Figma;

  • Guerrilla usability testing (in-person and remote) ;

  • Collaborate with product managers and project managers to understand goals;

  • Handoff / work with dev team and QA


  • New mobile app and web internet banking design;

  • Culture more user-centric / awareness about UX practices;

  • New customer care portal (Zendesk) co-created with the CX agents, dev team and other stakeholders;

  • Reduce of contacts for frequently asked questions and customer service response time;

  • Release of credit card and private pension products;

  • Other new user journeys delivered during this period: rewards program, fixed income, funds and other investment products;

  • Consistent improvement of the user perception about the mobile experience on Google and Apple app stores over the time;

2018 — 2019
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Main challenges:

  • Start UX initiatives as a "team of one" in a critical moment aiming the launch of the digital bank;

  • Adopt new design tools and processes and communicate throughout the company;

  • Conciliate previous studies, the business rules and journeys already defined to the new design focusing on the launch of the digital bank;


  • Adopt Figma as the official design tool and migrate legacy from XD and other preexistent tools;

  • Adopt Hotjar to start collecting and analyzing users' feedback and behavior;

  • Facilitate discovery sessions;

  • Create guidelines / styleguides / UI Kit (eventually evolve to design system documentation);

  • Information and navigation architecture;

  • Prototype and guerrilla usability testing;

  • Collaborate with project managers to understand goals;
    Handoff / work with dev team and QA


  • Navigation architecture and primary user journeys;

  • Design of the initial features of the digital bank;

  • Enhance of existing journeys as onboarding, balance and bank statement, bill payments, transfers, debit cards, and the main investment products such as fixed income, treasury direct, investment funds, and stock market features;

2017 — 2018
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Main challenges:

  • Improve the UX for platform and infrastructure products (dedicated servers, cloud services, reselling hosting, and website hosting);

  • Identify new business opportunities through UX Research.


  • UX metrics monitoring, especially NPS and insights gathering;

  • Prototyping and usability testing using Axure and Figma;

  • A/B testing designs focusing on conversion funnels;

  • Collaborate with product owners and developers to understand project goals;

  • Handoff / work with dev team and QA;

  • Service blueprint / user journey map of an IaaS product (cloud server);

  • Lead UX activities, interviews, and workshops to explore new business opportunities;

  • Collaborate with and engage various teams (product, marketing, dev, support) and the executive board in co-creation and brainstorming sessions;

  • Clients interviews and desk research;


  • Increase in conversion as a result of UX improvements and new guidelines in the checkout user flow;

  • New user flow, design guidelines and communication rules for the cloud server product;

  • Increase in conversion rate of domain registration;

  • The first in-depth product discovery covering all aspects of the UX of Locaweb products, especially hosting, with the collaboration of various teams, the executive board, and one of the founders;

  • Valuable insights gathered resulted from the user-centric approach;

  • Relevant data and insights from the discovery made that led the executive board to critical and strategic decisions, both from the offer and the user experience perspective.

2016 — 2017
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Main challenge:

  • Lead the design team while working as a UX design specialist;


  • Hiring, set the roles and goals and manage tasks of the design team;

  • Hire and manage UX, service design and dev outsourced agencies for projects and initiatives;

  • Lead the creation of digital marketing design assets for campaigns - landing pages, banners, e-mail marketing and ads;

  • Facilitate design thinking sessions and brainstorming;

  • Help define the strategy and features of the new product;

  • Clients interviews and desk research;

  • Prototyping (Figma and Axure) and usability testing;

  • Validate and communicate internally the design decisions;

  • Create design guidelines and visual assets;

  • Build the foundation of the new design system;

  • Handoff / work with dev team and QA


  • Rebranded and launched institutional website/non-logged area through a comprehensive discovery in collaboration with a service design consultancy.

  • Release of Fixed Income and Treasury Bonds simulator/calculator/comparator.

  • Investv, a live streaming service with live chat tailored for traders and investors.

  • Conducted a discovery process and implemented improvements in the onboarding/account opening process.

2015 — 2016
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Main challenge:

  • Improve the usability of the digital channels;

  • Deliver digital marketing assets for campaings.


  • Create wireframes and prototypes from low to high fidelity using Axure;

  • Run usability and A/B tests;

  • Validate design deliverables working collaboratively with design agencies;

  • Visual design and art direction;

  • Creation of guidelines and style guides;

  • Creation of landing pages and email marketing templates using Hubspot;

  • Creation of banners and ads for digital marketing campaigns.


  • New blog Dinheirama, focused on personal finance and investments educational content;

  • Rico mobile app;

2013 — 2015
Sr Marketing Analyst | Digital & UX at Multiplus
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Main challenges:

  • Help Multiplus improve the UX in their digital channels

  • Reduce the time of response and improve the UX of online customer support


  • Briefings, functional specifications and wireframes;

  • Participation in the process of choosing the service provider;

  • Gather the information needed and write FAQ content;

  • Validate layouts and design deliverables created by outsourced suppliers and/or in-house agencies;

  • Work with dev team in QA;


  • Release of the new features like buying, transfer and sell points as a new source of revenue;

  • Increase of the customer satisfaction as reflected in the NPS score;

  • New customer service portal with a robust search engine that helped users to find answers to their questions easily using NLP;

  • Reduce of contacts for frequently asked questions;

  • Reduce of the customer service response time;

2013 — 2013
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Main challenge:

  • Deliver well craft websites and graphic designs for small size companies, artists and entrepreneurs.


  • Information / navigation architecture;

  • Wireframes and layouts for websites, landing pages and other design deliverables;

  • Visual identities, infographics, logotype design;

  • Front-end coding (HTML, CSS, jQuery);

  • Wordpress template customization;


  • Various websites, visual identities, logotypes and other design deliverables;
2004 — 2012
Designer at Insite
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Main challenge:

Design Insite Hosting and Insite SaaS products as a team of one


  • Website design and development (front-end);

  • Website optimization and analytics (Google Analytics);

  • Wireframing, information / navigation architecture,

  • UI design and information / navigation architecture;

  • Copywriting, website content management;

  • Creation of communication rules, mailing and digital marketing campaign deliverables (landing pages, hotsites, banners, email marketing etc);

  • Visual identity / branding;

  • Graphic design and supplier management;

  • Handoff / work with dev team and QA

  • Planning, sync and validation meetings with clients;


  • Insite's digital marketing strategy (focusing on low cost hosting plans), one of the pioneers in Brazil, was responsible for the scaling of the business, which made Insite one of the most fast-growing hosting companies at the time;

  • Robot Ed - full digital experience (website, communication rules, blog) for the chatbot character for Petrobras, one of the pioneers and most disruptive cases of chatbots in Brazil at the time, maintained online for more than 10 years;

  • Virtual assistant and chat for Santander Bank's intranet focusing on account managers and internal staff;

  • Live chat rooms for investments events for BM&F Bovespa (São Paulo Stock Exchange);

  • UI design for other SaaS solutions such as webmail, mailing platform and moderated chat rooms for mid to large size companies;


2007 — 2010
Bachelor of Design at Mackenzie University
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Capstone project: an infographic of the graphic design history based on the book written by Philip Meggs. Available at: <…>

2003 — 2005
Applied Science Degree in Multimedia Design at SENAC
Sao Paulo, Brazil