Doğukan Çavuş

Doğukan Çavuş

Frontend Developer in Istanbul, he/his



Work Experience

2024 — Now

Cooking something incredible...

2021 — 2024
  • Finding extraordinary but performant solutions with CSS.
  • Playing a key role in the development of a UI library crafted from scratch with React, Typescript, and TailwindCSS for the company's new design system, working within a monorepo setup.
  • Writing tests using React Testing Library to ensure the robustness and reliability of the codebase.
  • Contribute to and maintain the company's website codebase written in Express, Jquery, SCSS.
  • Keeping our lighthouse scores at the highest possible level by adhering to strict SEO rules.
  • Developing HTML emails.
  • Conducting performance optimizations to improve the speed and efficiency of the website.
2020 — 2021
  • Taking the lead on introducing CSS writing methodologies into the front end development process by trialing it and creating a set of coding standards before briefing the rest of the team.
  • Contributing to the company’s front-end frameworks, in an effort to decrease development time by increasing the reusability of the code base.
  • Collaborated with the designer to create clean interfaces with a strong emphasis on optimizing usability.
  • Developing and improving our design system to increase reusability with Storybook.
  • Deliver and own new features both as part of a team and on my own.
  • Working under tight deadlines and on urgent requests, supporting the team in exceeding client expectations and providing technical support when needed.
  • Peer reviewing code to ensure quality, whilst making suggestions to improve code efficacy and share knowledge with peers.
  • Developing a Google Data Studio Community Connector for Wope to allow clients to use our APIs with Data Studio.
  • Developing HTML emails.
2019 — 2020
  • Liaised with the design team to build websites, using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Implemented pixel-perfect creative designs.
  • Automated routine tasks using Gulp.
  • Worked in GIT with a team for the first time.

Side Projects


Carefully designed Tailwind CSS components.


Quickly download a random page from any PDF as JPG.


Where I recreate nice animations in my way from other websites.