Dorde Vanjek

Dorde Vanjek

Product Lead in Belgrade, Serbia



Work Experience

2017 — Now

Joined in the early days of the company and worked with the team to evolve the product. From the dashboard to the Imprint, I've led the team to create a product that is used by fortune 500 companies.

2016 — 2017
San Francisco

I joined super as their 2nd product designer. As it is in the early-stage startups, I was involved in many different parts of the business. Designing interfaces and flows to onboard new customers, marketing pages to promote our service in different cities, and dashboards for our internal support team.

2014 — 2015

Joined the team as the first designer to help with the web and mobile app.

2013 — 2014
Belgrade, Serbia

Worked as a designer on various projects, including Coca-Cola, Capital One, and many others.



Worked on 2 projects for Gartner. Unfortunately can't show anything due to NDA.


Joined team to help and create a website experience for the launch of Roswell's new molecular electronics chip.


Another project with where I worked to present the story of 1910 Genetics revolutionary platforms.

Side Projects


I wanted to help youth in the local community and provide a free 6-week course on how to kickstart their design career. Five students enrolled and we learned so much together. The course culminated with a private tour of offices.


I was invited to Dribbble as a mentor for the product design course. My responsibility was to work with a group of 13 students and provide feedback and guidance as they progressed through the 12 weeks of the course.


2012 — 2016