Piotr (Peter) Osmenda

Piotr (Peter) Osmenda

Product Designer in U.S.


I am a product designer based in the U.S. with over a decade of experience. I've worked with industry leaders across automotive, social, events, fintech, and hospitality. My focus today is expanding Reddit to international markets and working with select clients to bring new ideas into the world. Aside from design I am a passionate photographer, illustrator, husband, and dad.

Side Projects


A limited collection of NFTs set in a futuristic startup universe. 🚀🛸


Travel, lifestyle, and personal photography.


A Figma resource for designers.


A minimal light icon set for home screen themers.


A Miro workshop template for product teams.


A dark icon set for home screen themers.



Like the flow of a river through a canyon⁠ — over time⁠, daily habits can carve your approach to design.


The benefits of having an active, shared knowledge center as you build your product as a team.

Work Experience

2020 — 2021
New York, USA

Building online tools that enable event professionals to craft branded guest experiences for their events. Focused on design tools, global event workflows, virtual experiences, and establishing the company’s product design practice.

2018 — 2020
New York, USA

Building an end-to-end telemetry system for Pivotal's flagship products. Working with CLIs, APIs, data marts, a data lake, and large data sets to bring real-time customer insights to the entire organization.

2014 — 2018
Toronto, Canada

Partnering with industry-leading organizations to bring new products to market using lean UX, agile development, and human-centered design practices. In four years, I successfully led the design of six new products and four major product redesigns.

2013 — 2014
Toronto, Canada

Rapidly ideating, fine-tuning the details, and launching award-winning websites and digital campaigns for global hospitality brands.