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Product Designer with an experience of 6+ years and have worked across 0 --> 1, fast-paced - high growth product based companies in various domains (fintech, edtech, healthtech, etc).
I am passionate about figuring out why things work the way they do or don't, before looking for solutions. I love to make sense of textual data through visual storytelling.

What will I always be up for?
🌏 Discuss real-world problems
🤝 Meeting new people and learning their culture
🎵 Good music & ☕️ A sip of coffee

Work Experience

2022 — Now
Bengaluru, KA

Leading the most crucial revenue generating verticals of the organisation- Unacademy centres and Unacademy stores

2022 — 2022
Bengaluru, KA

Graphy is all about building and empowering the community of creators.
With mentoring designers, I got opportunity to work on some of the most critical flows for Graphy like Graphy payments, Referrals, Checkout experience Creator dashboard, Navigation etc.

2021 — 2022

My role involved interacting with PMs and stakeholders to identify existing issues and brainstorm new features, collaborating with engineers to improve the user experience, regular catch-ups with the marketing and growth team to evaluate current campaign performance and brainstorm new ideas.
Created a unified design system that facilitated a smooth handoff between the design and engineering teams.
I mentored the design cohort for our internship program

2018 — 2021
Bengaluru, KA

Lead all things design as the 1st product designer for the early-stage Fintech startup "Tickertape".
Here, with every new feature, I strove to make complicated financial concepts snackable and novice-friendly.

  • I was responsible for leading a team of 8 designers, consisting of both product and brand designers. I ensured that each team member received appropriate feedback and guidance to support their growth, as well as the product growth.

  • Additionally, I regularly communicated with product managers and stakeholders to ensure that our designs aligned with business requirements. I worked closely with engineers to refine design details and enhance the user experience. I also collaborated with the marketing and growth team to analyze the performance of our ad campaigns. In order to maintain the quality of our product, I met regularly with the QA team to discuss bug fixes without compromising user experience.

  • Furthermore, I communicated with the CX team to address user queries and resolve any issues with our product's flow. I valued data and analytics, so I frequently analyzed user behavior data to identify areas where we could improve our designs and user experience.

2017 — 2018
Visual Designer at Fortune Cookie Ux design
Bengaluru, KA
  • Designed a product with careful consideration for business needs & usability findings using a user centric approach.
  • Designed a product with careful consideration for business needs & usability findings using a user centric approach.
    -Designed an evolving set of design patterns and style guidelines.
2014 — 2017
Interaction Designer at Design Crumble
Jaipur, RJ
2017 — 2017
Product designer at L'occul
Bengaluru, KA



Revamping experience to reduce friction in conversion and increasing retention


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Yes! I am proud to admit that I am good at making friends but what’s the science behind it?


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Side Projects



2012 — 2016
Bachelor of Engineering at Global Institute of Technology
Jaipur, RJ