Bryce Li

Bryce Li

Interaction designer, he/him


Work Experience

2023 — Now
Founding designer at someplace special ✨
2021 — Now
Carnegie Mellon University

Spatial computing researcher, School of Design
AR Interaction Designer, CMU ETC
Resident Assistant

2023 — 2023

Designed a new interactive exhibit installation. Intern on the interactive team. Worked with PMs, architects, computer vision engineers, and head art director. Prototyped and implemented advanced real-time graphics and interactions in Unity with HLSL, C#, and compute shaders. Made contributions to a proprietary fluid simulation engine, and created a tree simulation library.

2022 — 2022
San Diego

Intern on the Software Product Design team. Aligned with PMs, developers, AI engineers, test drivers, and other stakeholders across five teams to build a core product for self-driving trucks as the principal designer. Also led handoff and user testing. Created company-wide design systems for data visualization.


2020 — Now
Bachelor of Design at Carnegie Mellon University

Minor in human-computer interaction