Chidiebere Ekennia

Chidiebere Ekennia

Software Developer

Love building things that matter.

A year ago


Accomplished Fullstack Developer with over 6 yrs of working experience. Skilled in TypeScript, React, Nextjs, Angular, Node, Solidity, Framer motion & much more. Passionate about scalable solutions. Won local and international hackathons. Excited to join your team!

Work Experience

2023 — Now
London, United Kingdom
  1. Built new onboarding flow and automations that reduced avg. onboarding from 3 months to 2 weeks.

  2. Spearheaded the implementation of our internal design system, removing 70% of frontend dependencies, reducing build times by a factor of 3, saving over $20,000 and promoting a better Developer Experience.

  3. Helped implement automated AML and security checks which made the compliance team 3x faster at carrying out their tasks while improving the accuracy of results.

  4. Cut down customer support response time in half for new users by adding slack bots that report onboarding activity and potential issues.

2022 — Now
United Kingdom
  1. Managed the company website development and revamp, a project which has since greatly boosted engagement and saved tens of thousands of dollars in advertising costs.

  2. Created a system to integrate Yup into Angular's native form handling to provide a more robust, composable and global form validation system which is now the company default.

  3. Implemented Verto's first paid subscription model which has since generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.

  4. Split the backend into micro-services hosted on different AWS EKS clusters, improving average response times by over 300% and making it easier for sub-teams to manage different micro-services.

2021 — 2022
Enugu, Nigeria

A startup building amazing products, partnerships and a large community for Web3 in Africa.
Key Achievements:

  1. Built out a framework and processes for project development across the business.
  2. Led the dev team in a critical role to third place in a Polygon/XEND hackathon. The money ($10k) helped us run a bootcamp for African blockchain devs and host an amazing blockchain conference.
  3. Built the company website and co-ordinated other projects to the satisfaction of our clients.
  4. Leveraged my network to attract sponsorships worth thousands of dollars for our bootcamp.
2021 — 2021
Dubai, U.A.E.

A private investment holding company that deals in Real Estate, Robotics and more.
Key Achievements:

  1. Revamped the company website and other subsidiary sites which greatly boosted SEO rankings across multiple search engines and make the company 3x more visible online.

  2. Created a dashboard to record and track site views across multiple countries and periods.

2021 — 2021
Enugu, Nigeria

A company that develops talent, businesses and technical capacity in Nigeria.

  1. Supervised a team of backend developers to deliver a highly tested, well documented API which recorded response speeds 5 - 10x faster than before.

  2. Worked on revamps for business websites and apps affiliated to the company to boost visibility, drive sales and improve user experience.

  3. Mentored some new interns for the next Learnable Internship, one of whom emerged as the winner of the prestigious "Intern of the Year" award.

2020 — 2021
  1. Won the prestigious "Backend Developer of the Year" award.

  2. Helped supervise backend developer interns through the course of the internship.

  3. Developed the backend for a podcast streaming service which won the best presentation award and is now a startup -

2018 — 2020
Owerri, Nigeria

A software institute that aims to empower youths with ICT skills.

  1. Built out a Learning Management System for future interns to streamline their learning process.

  2. Built websites for clients such as Rad5 tech hub and more.

2018 — 2019
Owerri, Nigeria
  1. Learning to build websites and web applications using: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, Jquery, PHP and Ruby on rails for backend development.

  2. Learning from senior software engineers and improving my craft

  3. Took an exam for an Azure Certification sponsored by the company and was among 3/30 people to pass.



The official website for Rollover LTD, a dog breeding platform based in New zealand and owned by new zealand artist Mike Walker.


A luxury thrift store for the Rome XVIII Brand.


The new and improved company website for VertoFx, a cross-border fintech platform based in the United Kingdom.


The official website for a startup that aims to drive blockchain and web3 adoption by building talents and solutions across africa.


The Eager Beaver NFT collections are amazing projects I worked on with Snoop Dogg’s team in New Zealand.
Key Achievements:

  1. I designed the NFT smart contracts on Ethereum, implemented a reveal, whitelisting and verification using merkle trees, initial minting and royalties payment to a turnstile wallet.
  2. The techniques I used drastically reduced gas fees even in the competitive minting periods so much so that users openly complimented the team for the cheaper than usual gas fees. The project made $100k in the first 6hours during pre-mint.

Dexplore brings all available tools for proper market analysis on one simplified and yet efficient user interface for a surface to in-depth analysis of assets on the Cardano Blockchain and Ecosystem by leveraging AI.
Key Achievements:

  1. I was the development lead on this project

Beima is a smart contract development suite that easily lets you document and test your smart contracts without a single line of code.
Key Achievements:

  1. Came third place in an international Polygon hackathon under the developer tooling category
  2. Top 50 out of 500 projects in the Buildspace Nights and Weekends programme.
Zeus at Zeus

Zeus is a crypto exchange platform where users can trade fiat for crypto and vice versa. I led the team that built this project.
Key Achievements:

  1. I managed the internal workings of the crypto side of things as well as security.
  2. I also handled key architectural setups on the frontend.

The official company website for a Multi-national Holding Company based in Dubai, UAE - Mojay Global Holding Limited.



Winner in 3rd Place for the Polygon sponsor's prize at the 1, 2, Web3 Hackathon - Moralis x Filecoin 2022


I led my team to 3rd place in the international XEND DEFI Hackathon, sponsored by Binance, Polygon, Google and more. I was given $10,000.


CodeJam is a state-wide hackathon, with participants from all parts of the region that focuses on Data structures and Algorithms and is organized by the Google Developer Group, Enugu and its co-sponsors like Xend Finance.


I was privileged to be awarded Backend Developer of the Year, while interning for the biggest tech hub in Eastern Nigeria, Genesys Tech Hub.


Enugu, Nigeria

Polygon Guild Enugu is a community for anyone in and around Enugu and southeast at large looking to learn more about Web 3 or get up to speed

Enugu, Nigeria

BCAT is a blockchain and cryptocurrency awareness campaign with the goal of empowering millions of people across the continent through blockchain and cryptocurrency networks and education across Africa.

Side Projects


I built a poker game and wrote smart contracts for it on the Aurora blockchain


Mastering React from Code with Mosh

Certification of graduation from a course that teaches react fundamentals as well as advanced concepts like higher-order components, pure components, rendering optimisation, state management, routing and so much more.

Certification of Graduation for the Complete Nodejs Course from Code with Mosh

Graduated from code with mosh after taking their complete Nodejs course that covered, nodejs fundamentals, advanced concepts, unit and integration testing and much more.

Microsoft Certified, Azure Fundamentals from Microsoft

Id no: H363-7340