David Woolf

David Woolf

Product Engineer in San Diego, CA, he/him


Product Engineer & Design Technologist focused on designing and coding my ideas. Passionate about learning and teaching others how to build high performing user interfaces.



Gain deeper knowledge to making interfaces for the web


Melt UI is a Svelte powered, accessible component library. A friend of mine and I contributed the combobox component (filtering, navigating, selecting, etc) which works with just mouse, touch, keyboard, and a combination of all three.



This article goes over the nuances of buttons and the issues that can arise when creating buttons in different contexts.


This article goes over different design states that engineers should be aware of when translating a static design into an interactive interface.

Work Experience

2022 — 2024

Senior front end engineer. Managed and developed a NextJS powered restaurant ordering platform that handles over 1 million sessions and 250,000 orders a week.

2020 — 2022
Founder at Theory

Theory worked with multiple clients coding sites and apps for WordPress, Shopify, and React.

It was also an incubator for SaaS products like Index: a WordPress dashboard plugin that supercharges data powered interfaces like pages, products, and custom post types.

2013 — 2020

Lead engineer for Flying Hippo, a design agency creating WordPres and React sites and applications.