David Duyker

David Duyker

Senior Product Designer in Seattle, WA, He/Him


Currently: Designing software for Refugee and Asylum Operations within USCIS.

I thrive in ambiguous problem spaces, love multi-disciplinary work, and buy my favorite things on Craigslist.


Work Experience

2024 — Now

Designer for the user interface for Refugee and Asylum adjudication tools. Helping officers navigate the complex humanitarian process of Refugee and Asylum in the United States. My work focuses on integrating with other government systems and providing effective path visibility for the users on each application. Important design themes are trauma-informed design and deep user research.

2022 — 2023

Leading desing for admin, onboarding, and core web app; UI architecture, and design system adoption.

2021 — 2022

Lead design for public facing government web portals, core app reporting features, and design systems foundations

2021 — 2021
Designer at KinAptic

Led design for Medical/Home Treatment product companion app at seed stage startup + brand refinement and design system foundations

2021 — 2021

Built branded e-commerce websites which delighted 50+ small D2C clients as well as branded assets and email campaign templates for each and dozens more.

2017 — 2021

Web design and development primarily working with small businesses and non-profits.
Notable clients include Northeastern University, Dodrill Insurance, Industrial Alchemy, and San Juan Citizens Alliance.

2019 — 2020
Patagonia Worn Wear
Boulder, CO

When Patagonia asks you if you want to join the leadership team for an experimental pre-owned clothing pop-up store you say hell yeah. Teaching, fixing, serving, and learning; all centered around keeping clothes around a bit longer.

2019 — 2019
North Bend, WA

I designed highly-rated products for Vertx and hard-ware for award-winning Eddie Bauer luggage. Rapid prototyping, 3-d CAD modeling, illustrated manufacturing assets, etc.



Our relationship with textiles is out of balance. How can we catalyze change towards a culture of repair? The Repair Cycle is a mobile, on-the-spot mending service that powers the circular economy through the universal aspect of clothing.

Funded by UW sustainability fund, Mactez Stipend, and other generous organizations.


Bachelors of Design at University of Washington
Seattle, WA

Industrial & Product Design



Post that agues for the effectiveness of using an unstructured "pile" system for organizing design research artifacts, where documents are sorted by date modified, and made searchable.


Small design investments for scrappy non-profits that help prevent websites from getting in the way.