Danial Santos

Danial Santos

Designing / Editing in Bulacan


Ahoy there! I'm a 4th Year Computer Science major at the University of Santo Tomas who is fascinated with game design, layout design, and UI/UX.


2020 — Now
BS Computer Science at University of Santo Tomas

Work Experience

2023 — Now

As the Chief Technology Officer, I'm handling TomasinoWeb's platforms and digital spaces. This includes the main website, domain and email, social media platforms, webtech projects, and tech support.

2022 — 2023

Worked on research and creating the layout and design for TomasinoWeb's websites including the main website (tomasinoweb.org) and Lamona (lamona.lol)



Lamona is a food and drink directory for Thomasians. It features a directory of food establishments near the University of Santo Tomas, as well as a quiz and randomizer for those that can't decide where to eat next.

I was part of the team that made the research for and design of the website.


I handled the branding and front-end of this web app we made for one of our programming class during our 2nd year. This was created with Glassfish, Java, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap.


This is one of our presentations in PH history, specifically about the Martial Law era. Never forget.


FreeBees is a concept for an item-trading app. Made using Figma, this was a project for our Human Computer Interaction (HCI) back in 1st year.


I created the motion graphics and opening sequence of this documentary video similar to Vox' "explained" series. This was submitted as a group project for Theology 1.


During anniversary season in my high school, I was tasked to head the Documentation Team. One of the things we covered was the preparations of clubs, including one that is focused on dance performances.

Remember to turn on the audio for the video!


I created the layout design of this first aid manual that was submitted for NSTP-CWTS.


I created a short video header for our student publication last 2019!


I was the Editor-in-Chief and Layout Artist of our high school's student publication back in 2019! We release issues once every publication year.

This issue was published when I was in Grade 12. This was the issue I enjoyed the most since this became the culmination of all my learnings in the previous years!


I was the Editor-in-Chief and Layout Artist of our high school's student publication back in 2018! We release issues once every publication year.

Side Projects

[UST-TGS] Paskuhan Bayanihan Cup 2022

I spearheaded the creation of the stream overlays for the Paskuhan Bayanihan Cup.


I made the main sequence of this video with Adobe After Effects. It was fun coming up with the idea of a retro character select screen and actually creating the animations! 👑

[UST-TGS] Bayanihan Cup

In my time as a creatives staff of UST-Thomasian Gaming Society, I was assigned to work on the Bayanihan Cup during UST's Paskuhan festivities. 🎄

I made the DP Blast Frame, announcement pubmats, and I also made some contributions to the main poster!

[TomasinoWeb] TWinder April Fools 2021 DP Frame

TomasinoWeb suddenly rebranded itself as "TWinder" during April Fools season in 2021 😱


2019 — 2020
Creatives Team Volunteer at Every Nation Campus Malolos
Malolos, Bulacan

I volunteered under the Creatives Team Ministry of our local church. We made creative outputs for youth nights!