Danilo Leal

Danilo Leal

Lead Designer @ MUI, He/him


Designer who bridges the gap between product management & code.



Work Experience

2021 — Now

Leading the design team and efforts to make MUI a one-stop shop for React UI libraries. I'm supporting a variety of initiatives, from the core products ⎯ Material UI, Joy UI, MUI Base, etc. ⎯ to growing the design team & developing a stronger product culture.

2019 — 2021

Joined to initially work on the receiver experience, but later moved to the driver team as per my prior experience with that. Throughout that period, I led the redesign (again!) of the driver app as we changed many of its structures, which involved three major, operationally-wise, very complex rollouts that positively impacted the whole company.

Then moved on to more optimization-focused work, specifically looking for increasing the delivery success rate, though still within the driver focus. These were small number improvements ⎯ going for the 1%-2% increase ⎯ where we did lots of experimentation & research.

2019 — 2019

Led the design and research for the doctor-centric product, which allowed them to see their patients' holistic medical history & more. Also contributed a lot to developing the product culture as we were essentially within a very traditional healthcare conglomerate in the country trying to do startup.

2018 — 2019

I was the first designer hired for the newly created Logistics business unit. Basically, I was in charge of leading the redesign of the driver app for the "official" launch, as we only had a few beta testers in small cities across the country at the time.

Later, I continued to optimize specific areas of the app (such as onboarding, driver earnings, pickup and delivery UX, etc.), helped with interviews as we grew the team, and generally supported the product folks with the growing complexity of the operation.

2017 — 2018

Joined as the first and only design intern the company had, and contributed to a bunch of varied design-related things as the team was small and scrappy. Aside from the stray stuff, my main work there was initiating the redesign of the driver app, which eventually culminated in what I went on to do at iFood ⎯ which bought Rapiddo.

Side Projects

Tailwind para Designers

Dedicated to the Portuguese-speaking design community. My goal is to lay down the fundamentals of TailwindCSS in a very approachable fashion.


A streamlined financial organizer for you to follow how much you've spent in comparison to what you've expected to spend.



Blog post where we shared the new MUI brand revealed with the latest MUI Core stable release.


2014 — 2015
Bachelor of Social Sciences at UFSCar