Daniël van der Winden

Daniël van der Winden

I design software at Ghost in Amsterdam, NL, he/him

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Designing tools for writers, journalists and publishers at Ghost by day. Writing essays and a dash of (auto)fiction by night.

Previously, at Bakken & Bæck, I've designed software for a variety of organisations, and helped shape the company into what it is today over a period of 9 years.



How I experienced an evening of shared, silent appreciation of music and art orchestrated by The Smile and director Paul Thomas Anderson.


An ode to experiencing the incredible intimacy of seeing films in a theatre.


On the decline & revival of the personal website.

Work Experience

2023 — Now
Amsterdam, NL

Designing tools for writers, journalists and publishers.

2019 — 2023
Partner + CDO at Bakken & Bæck
Amsterdam, NL

As a Partner, I was involved in strategic decision-making concerning the general direction of the company. As CDO, I focused on our Product Design work and team—from securing projects, to hiring new team members; from elevating our reputation externally, to enabling Product Designers to do their best work.

2015 — 2019
Product Designer, Head of BB Amsterdam at Bakken & Bæck
Amsterdam, NL

When I joined Bakken & Bæck, I was tasked with starting an Amsterdam office and gaining a local foothold. Since then, I've dealt with everything that comes with running a company.

I've hired designers, engineers, writers, and more, building a multi-disciplinary team of up to 20 people. Honing my own approach to people management, I've mentored designers and other team members. Helping the company take root within the country, I was partially responsible for how BB is perceived here.

2014 — 2015
Designer at Fabrique
Amsterdam, NL

Worked on web-based projects for the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and National Military Museum, amongst others.

2014 — 2014
Designer (intern) at Bakken & Bæck
Oslo, NO

Graduation internship at Bakken & Bæck, focused primarily on product design for a (mobile) personal finance app, and an accompanying thesis for my BA in Communication & Multimedia Design.

2013 — 2013
Designer (intern) at Fabrique
Amsterdam, NL
2010 — 2012
Front-end Developer at Faster Forward Interactive
Bergen op Zoom, NL


2010 — 2010
Front-end Developer (intern) at Faster Forward Interactive
Bergen op Zoom, NL


Office Extension • BB AMS

Extending our Amsterdam office to allow us to grow from 12 to 20 people, and to accommodate for a more hybrid way of working.

We worked together with SPACON&X on its design, and all renders were created by them.


The rest of the (stellar!) team did the heavy lifting; I was only involved with editorial work on case studies, provided some guidance to the design team where necessary, and helped out doing QA.


Conceptualised, prototyped and designed a feature for Zenly.


Designed and prototyped web-based design and simulation tools for warehousing.


Involved with strategic & design work regarding the ERB crowdfunding campaign and temporary website.


Copywriting for the Studio iOS app.


Project lead for the new website, in collaboration with their team.


In collaboration with Pexip we designed Pexip Room, allowing people to join Pexip meetings using Logitech hardware.

We implemented Pexip’s privacy-first approach to software design, and designed the software for Logitech's Tap device based on Android's Material Design language.

Pexip (web, iOS, Android)

Led design on Pexip's web, iOS and Android apps—still under wraps.


Involved in the early stages of the project – a joint venture between Bakken & Bæck, Orkla and Æra – I was involved in strategic decision-making and acted as its project lead from our side for a period of time.


In collaboration with SPACE10, the subscription-based office interiors concept Circle went from a speculative idea to a new business venture.


Collaborated closely with Kvistad to refurbish the BB Amsterdam office. Photos by Tekla Evelina Severin.


Helped organise the 2018 edition of our weird, one-day conference.


Designed the first version of the Coinbase Custody platform and its website in collaboration with their internal team.


Designed Toshi, later integrated into Coinbase Wallet.


Website and identity refresh for expo.io.


Collaborated with Bobby Goodlatte and Sean McCann to design a publishing platform & crowd-voting tool for political debate.


Designed the last version of the Wake website and an Apple TV app.

Side Projects


TRANSCRIPT is a compact zine, printed in an edition of 100 issues. Compiled and edited by Iris Cuppen & myself. To be launched and shipped (within Europe) in the Spring of 2024.


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Our house was built in 1907 or 1908, and we will slowly bring parts of it up to modern standards. This page highlights our thinking as we designed an aspirational version of the ground floor.

Sketches and renders by HALLSTEIN.


A first version of my new, personal website. Reimagining it has lingered in my mind for more than a year. I designed and built it with Framer Sites over the course of a few days.


Designed & built a portfolio website for Thomas & Jurgen, a graphic design studio based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.



For “The Future Issue” of Creative Review I said a few words about notifications, and how we can design hardware and software to accommodate for a calmer relationship with our devices.


2023 — 2023
Volunteer at Agroforestry (Amsterdam Forest)

Contributing to an Agroforestry project in the local forest, initiated by the municipality of Amsterdam, by planting trees, herbs, and vegetables.



Fast Company named Bakken & Bæck as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies in 2020, together with notable companies like Nike, Webflow and Form Us With Love.


2010 — 2014
Communication & Multimedia Design (BA) at Avans Hogeschool
Breda, NL




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