Dang Linh Nguyen

Dang Linh Nguyen

Designer in Hanoi, Vietnam

Work Experience

2022 — Now
2020 — Now
Digital Designer at DN Studio

Presently collaborating with clients on a local and global scale, with a particular emphasis on UI/UX Design and Communication Design.

In UI/UX Design:

  • Achieved expertise in UI/UX design by focusing on developing strategic visions that include user types, scenarios, journeys, & other essential aspects.
  • Crafted high-fidelity wireframes and prototypes while conducting usability tests to validate design concepts and ensure that the project is feasible.
  • Delivered websites and applications that incorporate solid knowledge of CMS Management, RWD, e-Commerce Management, & SEO.
  • Increased e-Commerce website traffic by 25% through SEO optimization. Elevated customer satisfaction by 40%.
  • Expedited website design by integrating no-code tools such as Framer, Webflow & Notion;
  • Currently developing custom Figma plugins that enhance the productivity and performance of designers' workflows.

In Communication Design:

  • Implemented creative briefs & develop graphic assets for productive design requirements.
  • Generated sets of online marketing templates for clients, and enhanced social media engagement.

Selected clients: Fonci Spa, Tamago-tachi Japanese, Cuahieuphuphiem, An Quy Hung Co., Ltd, © Mortal Inc., EMVN, UTENDAHL Creative

2020 — 2022
Graphic Designer at Contra

• Developed and applied skills in project management, communication, and client relations.
• Managed time and workload while operating as an independent designer, leading to enhanced productivity and efficiency.
• Mastered specific design tools and software, including Figma, Framer, Adobe Creative Suite, and Webflow, to create digital experiences.
• Expanded knowledge of design trends and best practices, enabling the delivery of cutting-edge and innovative design solutions

2020 — 2020
Illustrator/ Graphic Designer at Công ty TNHH văn hóa và truyền thông AZ Việt Nam (Vietnam AZ Communication and Culture Company Limited)
An Duong Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Made illustrations for 03 published book covers, including:
• Đề Án Hạnh Phúc - Dấn Thân Và Tận Hưởng
• Đề Án Hạnh Phúc - Bí Mật Của Sự Thật Huy Hoàng
• Sống Lâu – 50+ Bí Quyết Sống Dẻo Dai Từ Vùng Đất Trường Thọ
Assisted in book designing project management from start to finish.

2017 — 2018
Communication Designer at AMIGO Japanese
Hanoi, Vietnam

• Facilitated the marketing team in maintaining a strong media presence by implementing effective strategies.
• Influenced in developing creative briefs and marketing plans to promote services.
• Maintained a consistent and cohesive visual identity by ensuring that all design work complied with brand guidelines.

2016 — 2017
Contributing Editor/Visual Designer at Blum Creative
Hanoi, Vietnam

• Established as a writer and designer for "Re," a revolutionary publication catering exclusively to a young, bold, and culturally-diverse demographic.
• Collaborated with a team of writers and artists to establish the publication's visual identity and aesthetic.


2023 — 2023

Participated in THE BODY AS BIOMONITOR - A course that examines the ethical dimensions and consequences of the empirical research of human biomonitoring and genetic sampling.

2022 — 2022

Gained knowledge from top female experts and build relationships within a community of remarkable technical innovators and leaders.

2016 — 2021
Degree of Bachelor at VNU Hanoi University of Languages and International Studies
Hanoi, Vietnam

Bachelor in Japanese

2016 — 2017
Certificate of Achievement at Arena Multimedia
Hanoi, Vietnam

In Communication Design
Award of Excellence


2019 — Now
Collaborator at Readymag

Join Readymag as a Collection Collaborator for curating web experiences across the internet.

2022 — Now
Committee Member at AnitaB.org

Work with other committee members to engage the community in specific topics, such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Software Engineering & Tech for Good, to support women from all over the world in technical fields.

2022 — Now
Supporter at It's Nice That

Help raise contribution fees for The Extra Nice Fund, which supports the creative community.

2022 — Now
Contributor at Friends of Figma Tokyo

Assisted in building a database of vocabulary commonly used in design in both Japanese and English.

Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N2 from The Japan Foundation