Dang Linh Nguyen

Dang Linh Nguyen

Designer in Hanoi, Vietnam


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Versatile cross-functional designer, dedicated to crafting & refining digital narratives alongside various innovative tools.

Work Experience

2020 — Now
Digital Designer at DN Studio

Presently collaborating with clients on a local and global scale, with a particular emphasis on UI/UX Design and Communication Design.

In UI/UX Design:

  • Achieved expertise in UI/UX design by focusing on developing strategic visions that include user types, scenarios, journeys, & other essential aspects.
  • Crafted high-fidelity wireframes and prototypes while conducting usability tests to validate design concepts and ensure that the project is feasible.
  • Delivered websites and applications that incorporate solid knowledge of CMS Management, RWD, e-Commerce Management, & SEO.
  • Expedited website design by integrating no-code tools such as Framer, Webflow & Notion;
  • Currently developing custom Figma plugins that enhance the productivity and performance of designers' workflows.

In Communication Design:

  • Implemented creative briefs & develop graphic assets for productive design requirements.
  • Generated sets of online marketing templates for clients, and enhanced social media engagement.
2020 — 2022
Graphic Designer at Contra

• Developed and applied skills in project management, communication, and client relations.
• Managed time and workload while operating as an independent designer, leading to enhanced productivity and efficiency.
• Mastered specific design tools and software, including Figma, Framer, Adobe Creative Suite, and Webflow, to create digital experiences.
• Expanded knowledge of design trends and best practices, enabling the delivery of cutting-edge and innovative design solutions

2016 — 2017
Contributing Editor/Visual Designer at Blum Creative
Hanoi, Vietnam

• Established as a writer and designer for "Re," a revolutionary publication catering exclusively to a young, bold, and culturally-diverse demographic.
• Collaborated with a team of writers and artists to establish the publication's visual identity and aesthetic.


2023 — 2023

Participated in THE BODY AS BIOMONITOR - A course that examines the ethical dimensions and consequences of the empirical research of human biomonitoring and genetic sampling.

2022 — 2022

Gained knowledge from top female experts and build relationships within a community of remarkable technical innovators and leaders.

2016 — 2021
Degree of Bachelor at VNU Hanoi University of Languages and International Studies
Hanoi, Vietnam

Bachelor in Japanese

2016 — 2017
Certificate of Achievement at Arena Multimedia
Hanoi, Vietnam

In Communication Design
Award of Excellence



Arkive Club is an ever-expanding repository of references, resources & tools for designers.


2019 — Now
Collaborator at Readymag

Join Readymag as a Collection Collaborator for curating web experiences across the internet.

2022 — Now
Committee Member at AnitaB.org

Work with other committee members to engage the community in specific topics, such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Software Engineering & Tech for Good, to support women from all over the world in technical fields.

2022 — Now
Contributor at Friends of Figma Tokyo

Assisted in building a database of vocabulary commonly used in design in both Japanese and English.

Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N2 from The Japan Foundation