David Alli-Johnson 👽

David Alli-Johnson 👽

Lead Product Designer in Africa, He/Him

Designing awesomeness with AI, Figma, Framer & Adobe.

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Highly experienced Lead Product Designer with a track record of driving success in dynamic organizations. Proven expertise in defining and implementing design systems for startups and enterprises.

Skilled in leading cross-functional teams to develop innovative B2B and B2C applications.

Committed to delivering superior quality products that consistently achieve optimal results.

Work Experience

2024 — Now

Daavvid Studio crafts exceptional digital experiences using cutting-edge technologies like AI, Figma, Framer, and Adobe.

Specializing in web3, fintech, and financial services, designing outstanding digital products, SaaS solutions, websites, and apps.

2019 — 2023
United Kingdom

• Collaborated with stakeholders to design and maintain systems, ensuring seamless
functionality and user satisfaction across multiple projects.
• Led the design of 5+ projects, demonstrating strong leadership and delivering successful
• Rebranded a flagship product in collaboration with the CEO and COO, leveraging Figma
expertise to create a design system aligned with the company's vision and values (storri.ai).

2023 — 2023

Thrived in a dynamic role at My Event Pod, a groundbreaking platform reshaping event management and client onboarding experiences. Contributed to the development of an all-in-one solution for event professionals, organizers, and vendors, streamlining processes and eliminating the need for multiple tools. Co-Design efforts to seamlessly integrate AI features, enhancing client onboarding and transforming ordinary events into extraordinary experiences. Excited to have played a key role in revolutionizing the event industry.

2021 — 2022
Lagos, Nigeria

• Orchestrated seamless transition from Adobe XD to Figma for Matador Design System,
optimizing user experiences across web and mobile platforms.
• Implemented cutting-edge robots design system, accelerating feature development
and reducing design time.
• Collaboratively led successful platform launches, ensuring stability through meticulous
coordination and attention to detail.
• Spearheaded targeted brand identity system for Myxellia Platform, effectively resonating
with the intended audience.
• Exemplified exceptional time management, consistently delivering designs within tight
timelines and achieving project milestones.
• Designed Veerge, fostering cohesive user experience and consistent asset usage
for a B2B platform.
• Fostered productive collaboration with engineers, streamlining development timelines
and maintaining meticulous attention to detail.

2021 — 2022
Lagos, Nigeria

• Developed and maintained consistent brand identity across all banking materials, driving
cohesive representation in market briefings, forecasts, and customer forms.
• Achieved a 60% increase in design delivery rate, optimizing project briefs for enhanced
• Streamlined retail commerce design flow through the optimization of existing designs.
• Provided prompt design support, dedicating over 10 hours daily to fulfilling
the bank's requests.
• Implemented a comprehensive design system, ensuring efficient handling of all creative
• Successfully managed 300+ requests from the bank's liaison officer, resulting in 4,000+
designed creatives.
• Played a key role in planning and designing materials for the Access Bank Lagos City
Marathon 2022 (lagoscitymarathon.com).
• Delivered high-quality designs for private banking and xclusive plus customers.
• Collaborated effectively with in-house teams on large design requests while working
• Received an outstanding 98% performance appraisal from HR and team leads.

2022 — 2022

• Led the design of the innovative NFT publishing and promotion platform (odele.io), leveraging
blockchain concepts for success.
• Created a cohesive brand identity system for developers and marketing teams, ensuring
consistent and compelling representation across touchpoints.

2017 — 2019
Lagos, Nigeria

• Crafted a compelling agency brand identity, devised innovative pricing plans, and executed
a tailored strategy for SMEs and the ERP industry.
• Spearheaded the conceptualization and collaboration of in-house startup ideas, driving
remarkable traction and fostering exponential growth prospects.

2016 — 2017
Lagos, Nigeria

Designed an IT solution platform and delivered value on a few client projects.



As the designer behind Zent, I'm thrilled to present a user-friendly mobile app that redefines the art of creating and managing gift wishlists. Now live on the Play Store, Zent is your ultimate destination for hassle-free and personalized gift-giving experiences.

Whether it's a wedding, birthday, or any special occasion, Zent allows users to curate dream wishlists and effortlessly share them with loved ones. The app ensures that every celebration is accompanied by the perfect gifts, making the entire process delightful and stress-free.

Explore Zent on the Play Store and elevate your gift-giving experience.

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As a User Experience Designer, I spearheaded the design of the KoloBox mobile app, now live on the Play Store.

KoloBox revolutionizes the investment landscape by offering a smart and simple solution to users looking to invest their spare change. The app provides a hassle-free platform to start investing little and often, ensuring a healthy, risk-averse return on investments.

Excited to contribute to a user-centric design that makes investing accessible to everyone. Download now on the Play Store and embark on a journey of smart and effortless investing!


• Transformed ibloov.com mobile platform, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

• Collaborated with design teams to improve existing UI for seamless user interactions.

Side Projects


• Developed a comprehensive design foundation in Figma, ensuring efficiency and consistency.
• Spearheaded brand identity creation, enhancing brand recognition and customer
engagement on (articean.com).


Led the strategic rebranding initiative for OneID, an organization dedicated to revolutionizing address verification. Redesigned the logo to reflect the core values of speed, accuracy, and ease in address verification processes.


2023 — Now
Interaction Design Foundation
2016 — 2018
Coursework in Entrepreneurial & Business Management at National Open University Of Nigeria