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thinking about how institutions invest in future generations by creating mentorship programs focused on relationships rather than transactions

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I'm embedded in how the technology landscape cultivates connection. I prioritize joy, time on the mountains, and thinking about the future. 🌱🔮🌱




"CxD is a crowdsourcing and research project in an effort to learn from digital communities and to create the resources they need to thrive."

As a researcher and project manager for the initial 4 months of this project, I identified patterns across a crowdsourced directory of digital spaces and oversaw multiple workstreams to encourage knowledge sharing and partner cohesion. The directory is live at

Research and project management through:
• Pattern Recognition (analysis of crowdsourced data)
• Stakeholder Management

Project details and key learnings in the page below (contact for pw):

Global Creator Needs at Big Tech client

At Gemic, I managed research operations for this project while supporting research synthesis and content delivery. The goal was to provide a foundational understanding of creator's needs in each market, uncover global creator insights, and study the user experience of their product's recent launch.

This on-the-ground research study spanned 6 markets across North and Latin America (Canada, Mexico, Brazil), and South Asia (India, Bangladesh, Indonesia) where I was the point of contact for in-field logistics, recruitment, and local vendors.

💭 Reframing how the client thinks about *their* creators, focusing on the platform's strengths rather than the mainstream definition of creators

Product strategy through:
• Qualitative Research (desk research, market immersions, in-field ethnography)
• Market Insights across 6 markets
• Product Recommendations and Bugs

Project output samples and key learnings in the page below (contact for pw):

Young Adults in Western Europe at Big Tech client

At Gemic, I led a foundational ethnographic research project to understand social media expectations and needs from young adults in Western Europe (Spain, Germany, UK) for product implications and a closer understanding of users.

Product strategy through:
• Qualitative Research (desk research, diaries, IDIs and dyads)
• Cultural Analysis
• Product Implications

Industrial Designers in Enterprise at Chip Manufacturer

Foundational research through:
• Qualitative Research (desk research, diaries, IDIs)
• Documenting daily workflows
• Insights and future research directions

Future of Online Togetherness at Big Tech client

At Gemic, I led a 4-month foundational ethnographic research project on the future of online togetherness. This project was to equip the newly formed client team with an in-house perspective on this topic with social science-backed frameworks and design principles.

💭 Defining how the client thinks about 'remote presence' - breaking this down into how they can create moments of online togetherness

Brand strategy (at the team level) through:
• Qualitative Research (desk research, expert interviews, digital ethnography)
• Concept Frameworks
• Insights and Product Design Principles

Project output samples and key learnings in the page below (contact for pw):

Future of Fast Fresh Meals at Leading CPG client

Product strategy through:
• Qualitative Research (desk research, expert interviews, IDIs)
• Innovation Platform Design
• Product Concept Ideation
• Product Innovation roadmap

Nordic Snacking Opportunities at Leading European CPG Brand

At Gemic, I led the quantitative analysis workstream for this project where we prioritized opportunity areas based on projected market sizes and growth.

Innovation strategy through:
• Qualitative Research (desk research, expert interviews, market analysis)
• Innovation Platform Design
• Opportunity Sizing


While managing weekly sprints, I was also the main point of contact with Facebook Reality Labs ensuring that we met their release requirements and passed QA on time.

Project management through:
• Agile Methodologies (Scrum)



"By shifting from sanitized, frictionless experiences to multisensory, relational landscapes, brands and organizations can help people feel a sense of safety, community, and well-being."

Work Experience

2023 — 2023

I facilitated a research project with three partner organizations to understand the current landscape around healthy digital public spaces.

2020 — 2022
Toronto, ON

Through my 3 years at Gemic, I honed my core skills in ethnographic research, market insights, product and portfolio strategy, and project management through 14 CPG, consumer tech, and big tech projects.

2019 — 2019
Vancouver, BC

I managed weekly sprints for a cross-functional team through parallel development cycles of Gadgeteer on Oculus Quest (VR, released) and Magic Leap (AR, unreleased)


2014 — 2019
Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering at University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC


2022 — 2024
Certified ScrumMaster from Scrum Alliance