Corey Jack Wilson

Corey Jack Wilson

Site Reliability in Vancouver, BC

Working from home

3 years ago


A happy hacker working from home in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia




Appneta Mini at Appneta

Moved some of the most important use cases for the Appneta application into an Electron tray application for more responsive alerting, querying and analysis. Took first place in the first Appneta hackathon.

Side Projects

Tripopotamus 🚕

Lead a group of four people in the development of a web based game based on saving money on car sharing services. Produced a highly responsive front end using JS. Created an automated test suite to verify a high quality of code and used Selenium to verify overall usability.

Locl 🏡

Led a group of four people to develop a mobile application for buying and selling items using Bluetooth LE. Implemented an optimal caching algorithm and achieved minimum data usage and battery consumption. Established an efficient and robust REST accessible database for the serving of OLTP and OLAP goals

Whistle 📯

Inspired by the problem of campus attacks, developed an application to protect oneself through the use of a smartphone.
Taught myself basic Objective-C and iOS development using online tutorials and self research .Created an application that would sound an alarm, blink the camera LED, post GPS co-ordinates to a Twitter feed, and dial 911.



Developed and deployed a React/Redux and Django web application to detect and gather children emotions using a Raspberry Pi. Trained a convolutional neural network using OpenCV and TensorFlow using a 15K image dataset to achieve high accuracy. Demoed the MVP to judges. Placed in the top 10 of 150 teams.


Collaborated in a team to develop a MEAN stack web application to display rental statistics for Vancouver neighbourhoods. Engaged with local Vancouver startup CEOs and participated in advising workshops lead by local business mentors. Presented the prototype in the final round to a group of startup advisors in order to gain guidance on how to market the product.

Work Experience

2023 — Now

Driving collaboration and alignment with a sister team based in the EU, enabling tactical projects aimed at enhancing high-velocity performance in the competitive AI and LLM sectors. Facilitating seamless collaboration with both data science and applications teams, leveraging stakeholder input to develop an all-purpose platform that adheres to stringent compliance and governance standards. Fostering innovation by optimizing team dynamics, and delivering results that delight.

2022 — 2023

Transitioning single tenant Kubernetes microservices to multi-tenant deployments. Migrating all deployment of services to configuration as code.

2018 — 2022

Currently working on Site Reliability and Platform Engineering for the migration of the Appneta product to Google Cloud. Moving from Artifactory On Premise to Artifactory SaaS. Rearchitecting the build pipeline from TeamCity to Jenkins. Decomposing the monolith into Kubernetes based microservices managed through GitOps (ArgoCD). All the while maintaining four nines of availability for the product in AWS/Azure and providing microservice consultation for developers on ongoing solutions and features.

2021 — 2022
Vancouver, BC

Currently working on migrating artifact storage to a central solution utilizing Artifactory. Co-ordinating with development teams for integrating build configrations as code utilizing TeamCity for greater observability and change management. Working to increase development agile responsiveness by re-architecting production operations data collection so that systems for displaying data (i.e. Grafana) and responding to incidents (i.e. OpsGenie) are more deeply integrated into the development workflow.

2018 — 2020
Vancouver, BC

Developed ETL for BGP records and ASN identity from the RIPE foundation. Architected a pipeline for traceroute record decoration based on BGP data utilized for ASN identification. Co-ordinated and established a Devops guild that accomplished the switch from Jenkins to TeamCity, aswell as the adoption of Hashicorp tooling among FSEs.

2017 — 2017
Vancouver, BC

Lead a startup development team in creating a drop-shipping e-commerce platform with integration into Etsy and Shopify APIs. Designed and implemented a progressive single page application built in React/Redux with a RESTful API built in Hanami/Postgres.
Taught best agile practices, Kanban, Scrum, and Sprint Retrospectives. Lead DevOps in implementing a full CI/CD/CR process.

2016 — 2017
Vancouver, BC

Standardized manual testing practices, designed and implemented automated functional verification and integration tests. Performed monitoring, investigation and reporting of daily component builds using Jenkins to meet team CI/CD objectives.
Independently researched, developed, and successfully launched an ALM component for the Tasktop connectors suite


2014 — 2016
Vancouver, BC

Computer Science and Cognitive Systems

2011 — 2014
Vancouver, BC

Honours Philosophy, Double Major Political Science.


2016 — 2016

Lead a classroom of elementary school students through an introduction to programming workshop. Helped students work through tutorials written in Scratch to learn basic computer science concepts. Answered questions from grade school teachers and provided additional material for in class followup



Completed via CloudGuru. Exam scheduled 2022.