Chia Amisola

Chia Amisola

Internet artist in SF, they/them


Chia Amisola is an internet artist & ambient designer. Their (web)site-specific art explores the construction of spaces, systems, and tools that posit worlds where creation is synonymous with liberation. They're the Founder of Developh (, a community of practice towards critical technology based in Manila, Philippines since 2016, and presently steward the Philippine Internet Archive (philippineinternetarch…) towards digital justice & preservation.

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Shared some words on my love for collecting YouTube comments


"Chiara Amisola took a close look at the stories and revelations that people leave below online videos." Featuring


Spoke on the GHC 2018 Keynote stage.



The KUNSTSURFER exhibition Soft Narratives features works by Molly Soda, Maya Man, and Chia Amisola, three artists who utilize the internet to develop their sensitive and multimodal stories. The selected works are also read as examples of a new generation of net artists.


A festival of experimental game design


Swords and Kisses, a four day programme of events around an exhibition of works by artists and gamers. The show centres around queer+trans trans visions of a non-linear time-space and experiences of diasporas. The exhibition space becomes a gathering space to create and inhabit other worlds. Queer and global majority artists build portals, props and false promises.

Work Experience

2016 — Now

Developh is a critical technology institute based in the Philippines. We reclaim technology as a tool for liberation rather than oppression. Since 2016, we've been working across research, education, advocacy, publishing, and venture-building to rethink the Filipino relationship with technology.

2020 — 2021

#1 Social App in the Philippines—worked on Editor, Social Features, and Games for over a year in both in-house teams & as sole designer with external vendors. Helped evangelize design from hiring a Design Lead, establishing & standardizing our design system including patterns & components, design operations process.

2020 — 2020
Product Design Intern at Teleport

Side Projects


A tiny tool to create, publish, and play collage stories & games — that is a game in itself. A mini fantasy console with its own personality, an accompanying soundtrack & world; a love letter to early operating systems, creation culture, and what it means when our tools have life, too.


Collecting resources & educational material related to the Marcos regime and its dictatorship. A folk archive made to counteract the current regime.


I started playing Genshin Impact (50M+ players), liked its story, then founded the largest English-language lore community with my friends. I lead a moderation & volunteer team on Discord, designed the identity, organized events and streams with 100+ attendees, and grew us to 5K+ members, 15K+ followers, 150K+ monthly sessions all organically. We archive scattered fan speculation, write & organize resources/prints/databases for theorists and casual players.


Uplifting progressive politicals to the masses in digital spaces in the 2019 Philippine midterms, impacting millions of Filipinos & collaborating with leftist senatoriables with a team of 25. I led, designed, and built everything leading strategy.


2018 — 2022
Computing & the Arts at Yale University

Sudler Prize (Top Creative Arts Award), Distinction in the Major, Cum Laude

Everything before at De La Salle Zobel



1M+ reads. Since 2016.


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