Can Duruk

Can Duruk

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I enjoy working on hard problems alongside great people.

My good friend Sam and I realized that maps were to make for mere mortals a while ago. Yet, it was unclear why, especially in 2021. Why has everything else from documents to video editing has become easier, but map-making remained an elusive skill?

We set aside to figure out why, and see if we could make it a tiny bit easier. Our ideas seemed to have legs and we were able to assemble a team of wonderful people to work on it with us. Thus, Felt.

We are nowhere yet realizing our vision, but we at least see a clear path forward. Who knows what we'll run into; what kind of thorny problems will appear trivial once we solve them; and what kind of small problems become head-scratchers.

If you want to be part of this with us, come join! We have great benefits, lots of hard problems (trust me!), and a fun roadmap.

Work Experience

2021 — Now
Oakland, CA

Making maps easy to make.

2019 — 2020
2014 — 2017
San Francisco, CA

Worked on a lot of stuff — but mostly on turning Uber's mishmash of onboarding and authentication system into something more usable.

2012 — 2014
Engineer at Upthere
Palo Alto, CA

Worked on applications of immutable file systems alongside Bertrand Serlet and a few others.

Acquired by Western Digital.






2018 — 2019
2006 — 2010
Carnegie Mellon University