Caspian Ievers

Caspian Ievers

Creative Director in Wellington, NZ, He/Him


Campaign at Todd Energy

When I think how my skills might help someone I never imagined that they would be used to make meetings more effective. Yet here I am creating a series of posters for company’s meeting rooms and intranet to gently educate and encourage staff to strive to be better at meetings, as no one gets taught these skill explicitly despite how prevalent meetings are. I’m looking forward to a follow up to find out how effective they have been late this year.

Icons at Fusang

A selection of the icons designed for a digital financial services firm.

Product design at Matrix

Design for a product I will never use: a limitless credit card coated with BLK 3.0 (which is even blacker than the infamous Vantablack). Visualising a material that absorbs over 99.9% of light, while still making it look sexy was fun.

Brand refresh at AllStar

There are so many A/★ logos it’s a challenge to come up with something fresh. Spending some time away for the computer I found scribbled in my notebook the start of something — lucky for me I've been writing capital A’s like this for as long as I can remember, I just had to open my eyes.

Brand identity at Sustainabl

First round concept for the rebrand of a sustainable packaging company. Although the logo went through a number of changes during the project the creatures survived intact, and carried the tone and personality of the brand to the finishing line.

Side Projects

Creative director at Happy Gigs

The timing wasn't perfect when we started this project, but I am still looking forward to launching this one day.

Emergency Choccolate at Bloomsberry

Many years ago I designed packaging chocolate company. With a recent free rainy day I decided to revisit one of my old ideas and take it further.

Work Experience

2019 — Now
Wellington, NZ

I joined KISSLabs with the goal of taking it from a one-man-band to a studio that would be a go-to destination for keen creatives who wanted to work in a supportive, creative environment without the hang-ups of other trendy agencies. A place where you could be yourself while having the support and mentorship to create world-class ideas for a wide range of national and international clients through our connections. Clients tend to be focused on blockchain and crypto projects with tasks ranging from micro-interaction design, large scale websites, product launch marketing strategy, EDMs, branding to event installations.
That said the most rewarding projects have been working with a sustainable packaging company in Hong Kong giving them the tools and confidence to make a positive difference in a country where sustainability is traditionally overlooked, and branding a not-for-profit electricity company where customers can help these in energy hardship.

2016 — 2019
Wellington, NZ

Every good word you hear about Xero is true. It was an amazing place to grow and focus. It was also where I discovered the pleasure of mentorship (seniors are pared with junior designers not only to teach them industry skills, but also to act as a support figure and help them work through any pressures and frustrations that might pop up) and the freedom of working for an internal client.
In addition their HR, Diversity and Inclusion policies helped me appreciate the value of a truly supportive work environment. Global campaigns, designing for, events, product branding, brand values, internal processes. Although the work was heaps of fun my biggest achiement was mentoring a graduate team member for two years and watching her gain confidence to take on the world.

2014 — 2016
Senior Designer at Capiche
Wellington, NZ

Ideas factory and problem solver for NZ government and business clients alike across print, screen, packaging, advertising and DM. Overseeing junior designers and assisting account services with selling in ideas. Highlights include creation of Common Magazine with friends, Six Barrel Soda, and working with the Sisters of Compassion.

2011 — 2013
Wellington, NZ

Ensuring high quality of design output from one of NZ most influential design studios both in print and online. Creative concepts to finished art. Collaborating with external talent as well as a mentor design staff. Highlights include creating the award for the international rescue workers who assisted the NZ Fire Services following the Christchurch earthquake.