Caroline Lenzing

Caroline Lenzing

Product Designer in Hamburg, She/her


Hamburg-based Product Designer creating meaningful, enjoyable and ethical experiences with creative & strategic problem solving.

Currently working, laughing and fist bumping at Studio Lenzing.


Studio Lenzing



Justmatch is a revolutionary player in talent acquisition, committed to simplifying and refining the connection between talents and companies through radical simplicity and analytical precision.


Our design team aimed to create an immersive digital stage for The Raum Objects. To achieve this, we provided creative direction, designed and developed the website, and crafted compelling copy and a design language that effectively showcases the beauty and functionality of the brand's sculptural furniture collection.


Dash0 pioneers real-time observability, offering developers intuitive solutions that simplify processes and drive collaborative innovation. Our team contributed significantly to this initiative by working on the UX and UI design for the website and branding, as well as shaping the overall strategic approach.


Syte felt it was time to bring the power of artificial intelligence to the industry. We helped Syte create a tool in which real estate development and potential analysis are designed to be sustainable, efficient, and beautiful.


Pleo’s design team faced the challenge of having an icon set with isolated collections, visual disunity & redundancies spanning across products. We worked with Pleo to create an extensive icon system that truly expresses its vibrant and quirky character, able to scale over time.

Web Design & Branding at Workin'Up

In the era of the New Work trend, our collaboration with Workin’Up focuses on a people-centered approach to enhance the overall work experience. We believe offices, beyond internet and flexible hours, can meet contemporary needs like freedom and sustainability.


Medudy revolutionizes healthcare education with AI-driven, user-centric medical knowledge in over 50 languages. Our involvement spans branding, narrative, tone of voice, and the creation of a visual language, UI design, and motion design for the product and the website.

App Portfolio at Sparkasse

We have been working closely with Sparkasse – broadening their app portfolio by brushing up and extending existing apps and building a new app from scratch.


Why is it annoying when it could also be stress-free? A simple but urgent question for many self-employed entrepreneurs as they endlessly organize receipts or try to anticipate tax payments.

Future of mobility at Free Now

Enableling unlimited mobility in one app, accessible for everyone and everywhere

Design System at car2go (Share Now)

Creating a design system and documentation for a consistent design language used internally around the globe.

car2go (now ShareNow) is a fleet of free-floating vehicles of different types. This allows people to find, reserve, rent and return vehicles not only in certain predefined spots but everywhere within car2go's area of operation.

The companies user-base and global scale expandes from day to day, so we needed a system that can hold up with that rapid growth.

Side Projects


Grod is a website for like-minded people, passionate about Design, Gadgets & Home Supply. Curated everyday essentials, far from fast fashion and trends, long lasting and minimal aesthetics. Despite a variety of items we try to keep everything essential.

Work Experience

2021 — Now

We are designers, engineers, problem solvers, creatives, writers & strategists. We are a group of bright minds seeking to build better futures through technology & design.

2019 — 2021

Future of mobility


2016 — 2020



In this course, I acquired essential UX design skills from Google's experts, gaining insights into defining UX, understanding foundational concepts, identifying factors for great user experience, reviewing job responsibilities.