Cameron Kelley

Cameron Kelley

Engineer in Texas

Work Experience

2020 — Now

We identify the world’s top early-career engineers, designers, and product minds, connect them with a close-knit, career-long support community, and invest in companies they start or join.

2017 — 2020

I supported the startup ecosystem at Texas A&M by meeting with student founders, assessing potential investments, and conducting technical diligence for full-stack and infrastructure related companies.

Built scraping engine and deal-flow data pipeline to manage Contrary's investment opportunities. Used Python, Selenium, MongoDB, and a variety of APIs.

2019 — 2019

Joined the Lightwear team, working on mechanical design of Magic Leap's augmented reality glasses.

I designed parts and test fixtures for new products, focusing on adhesives, sheet metal clips, injection molded housings, and flexible printed circuits.

2017 — 2018

We built a personal relationship manager.

The company failed because we didn't focus on a specific use case (everyone wants to be better with people, right?) and didn't charge users early enough.

Used React + React Native, Expo, Node.js, Python, GraphQL, Docker, and AWS (ECS, Fargate, RDS, VPC) to build apps and infrastructure.

Got 7,500 signups and interviewed for YC's S2018 batch.

2016 — 2017

Joined a group of NASA veterans building a 3D pizza printer. I worked on GTM strategy, held demo events with GE and other large orgs, and ultimately helped them close a $1mm seed round from the founders of the largest pizza chain in the Midwest.

2015 — 2017

In high school, I did freelance web development and design work for friends and small businesses, focusing on Wordpress, Shopify, and Laravel.

I also built FORCEPT, an electronic medical record system for a local church to use on mission trips to remote areas of Haiti.



Built a quick way for creators to track hiring referrals.


Built a platform for founders to post hiring bounties.

Engineer and UI designer, worked with Tina Jiang on product and UX, talked with lots of founders.

Next.js frontend with incremental static generation; uses serverless functions to chat with a Postgres database droplet via Prisma ORM.


Worked on (yet another) note-taking app that aimed to be the memex.

Technical cofounder, focused primarily on product and prototyping.

I built some experimental backend systems: one with GUN ( and another that layered GraphQL on top of Neo4j.

I also worked on a performant React frontend that allowed for complex tree navigation, drag-and-drop, and common keyboard shortcuts.


Built a community for exceptional young people to collaborate on projects, have conversations, make friends, and build a competitive advantage.

We hacked on projects and held fireside chats with folks like Alan Kay, Tyler Cowen, and Riva Tez.

Founder, community organizer, head of product and engineering, chief salesman, worked on partnerships with On Deck and others.

I built a Discord bot and used it to aggregate engagement data from our members, presenting that in a Google Sheet dashboard.


We built a job site aggregator to help people with their job search.


Sold PLA (plastic) for 3D printing pens on Amazon.


Built an EMR for field doctors in developing countries.

Laravel + MySQL backend. Rendered Blade templates that used Bootstrap and React on the frontend. Most interesting was the ability for doctors to build their own fields with what I called the "flow editor".


Built an leaderboard system to aggregate DOTA 2 match data from the Valve API and identify top performers daily.

Dotabuff provides a similar system now:


I tried to start a VR arcade in Nashville, TN.

We built a custom computer/HTC VIVE rig and renovated an old ~3,000 sq. ft. laser tag arcade. The plan was to divide this into 12x12ft "arenas", where customers could explore VR and join competitive games against other players.

A competitor sprung up downtown which has done a great job:


I learned how to use FL Studio from Youtube and mixed my own mediocre EDM.


I built a Minecraft mod that added granite blocks and other utility items to the game. It got popular on Minecraft's community forum for a few months.

This was back in the day when you had to manually overwrite the game's unobfuscated Java files!

Side Projects


Worked on a Minecraft server with Matthew Kochakian. We wanted to bootstrap the metaverse vision by leveraging Minecraft as a new, dynamic "town square".

Some other examples of this have popped up recently (see

I experimented with different server setups (Spigot, etc) running on a Kubernetes cluster for scalability. We selected and configured plugins to control what users could do in the game. Our plan was to write custom plugins to connect in-game actions to a web-based social platform.


I started a Discord community for college kids to hang out in during the early months of COVID. We played some video games and adjusted to quarantine life.


Sketched out and prototyped a memex note-taking system before it was cool. Tabled the project but later brought it back in the form of Portal.


I compiled some stories of people in the tech world who demonstrated unique hustle.


Helped my former co-founder Lucas develop a system for evaluating UX within VR apps. We built a website to showcase his teardowns.


Worked on an experimental Apple Watch pomodoro timer. I tried to learn Swift and didn't like it much.


2016 — 2020

Select work from college: multiphase flow metering, mechanochemical reactors.