Caleb Sun

Caleb Sun

Designer, He/Him


Caleb designs to improve the way people go about their lives. He creates digital products, strategies, and branding systems through careful research and thoughtful consideration in order to bridge the ever-widening gap between people and the complex world around them. Currently he is designing and conducting user research at CSL Behring, on their Diffusion Labs and Plasma teams. He studies Communications Design and Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University.


Designing Transitions in US Suburbs—Dissertation Design

Designing a 300-page dissertation for Erica Dorn, a PhD Candidate for Transition Design at Carnegie Mellon University.


Designing a website for a local swim school


Designing a brand system and website for an architectural firm

Work Experience

2023 — Now
UX/UI Design Intern at CSL Behring
  • Assessing and improving existing Plasma design system and component library with a focus 
in scalability and future growth
  • Auditing existing designs, curating work for stakeholders, and improving/creating new flows for the Plasma digital experiences as a part of an internal Plasma SCRUM team
  • Leading a re-organization effort to improve and streamline the Plasma design workflow while considering the needs and pain-points of different team members
  • Preparing resources for CSL's first in-house usability testing trials, including documentation to assist participants setting up their technology, a fully-functional and robust testing prototype using Figma's conditional prototyping, and a generative activity to gage participant mental models
2022 — 2022
UX/Graphic Design Intern at Sparrow Up
  • Worked with Content Development team to create digital products using Figma.
  • Designed content for social media and conducted competitor research.


2023 — 2024
Design Lead at NICOS Chinatown Task Force on Children's Oral Health (CTFoCOH)

Design mascot, logo, and branded documents for a youth dental health advocacy organization. Coordinated with marketing liason to establish and improve the look and feel of existing branded materials.


2021 — Now
Bachelor of Design at Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA

Communications Design and Human-Computer Interaction
Expected graduation in Spring, 2025