Bruno Sartori Quadros

Bruno Sartori Quadros

Product Designer in Porto Alegre, Brazil, His/Him


Passionate about minimalism and views challenges as business opportunities. Holds a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and has 11 years of experience in creating digital products from concept to launch, along with extensive experience in remote work, approximately 8 years.

Work Experience

2020 — 2024
San Francisco (Remote)
  • Led the design and prototyping from scratch to launch of an internal iOS app utilized by hosts at terminals and pilots on the aircraft, alongside a web application used to manage routes, reservations, and communications with the concierge team and guests.

  • Sole designer at the company for nearly a year (2023).

  • Contributed to designing assets and features across web applications and the website.

  • Created templates for transitional and marketing emails.

2019 — 2022
Porto Alegre (Remote)
  • Responsible for designing the projects created by Olympus Co (Hercules, Ares, Studo, Memo).

  • Led the design of a new look and feel for Elefante Letrado mobile apps (iOS, Android).

2018 — 2020
Porto Alegre (Remote)
  • Sole designer at the company for nearly a year (2019).

  • Responsible for designing assets and features across iOS, Android, web applications, and the website.

  • Initiated the open-source design system, Fuselage (which was launched after he left the company).

2015 — 2018
Porto Alegre (Remote)

• Sole designer at the company.
• Responsible for designing assets and features across iOS, Android and the website.
• Manage the brand for ads and press materials.
• Responsible to create keynotes to be presented to VCs.

Planejei was the first Virtual Personal Assistant for personal finances in Latin America. With Marvin (our AI concierge ), our customers can transform the experience of managing their finances in a way they could not imagine before. It is the easiest and funniest way to deal with your money.

2017 — 2018
Product Designer & Ambassador, at Apple Developer Academy
Porto Alegre
  • Participated in the creation of several projects using all Apple ecosystems (iOS for iPhone and iPad, WatchOS, TvOS, iMessage).

  • Featured multiple times worldwide on the App Store and received significant press coverage about the Apple ecosystem and business/startups in Brazil.

  • Selected by colleagues as one of the first Apple Developer Academy Ambassadors.

  • Represented its site in nationwide meetings to share learning and knowledge with other developer academies.

2015 — 2017
Porto Alegre (Remote)

• Sole designer at the company.
• Responsible for designing assets and features for the Android app and the website.
• Manage the brand for ads and press materials.

The project was acquired in January 2018

2012 — 2015
Porto Alegre
  • Actively contributed to the product's development as a member of the design team (Aug 2012 to Oct 2014).

  • Assisted in web product development, mobile applications, and brand communication through various channels including social media, email marketing, and offline marketing.

  • Transitioned to Superplayer's commercial team in November 2014, where I played a key role in developing business strategies to expand the brand, prospect for new customers, and manage product campaigns.

  • Collaborated with renowned brands such as Coca-Cola, Heineken, La Roche Posay.



Memo is an open-source app that utilizes a memory card-based approach to help you practice subjects of interest in programming.

Studo at Olympus Co

Studo is an investment simulator, when the position turns profitable the user receives profit as "Sortes" and they in turn can be used to unlock different items and services in the store to help.

By removing risk in trading and allowing for the user to experience the financial markets directly we can help them learn how to proper behave in different situations while also rewarding them for their correct actions with our coins.


Ares is an iOS app thought and created to guide you in a 4 weeks routine specially focused on growing your chest

Hercules at Olympus Co

Hercules was an iOS app that allowed users to plan workouts, record results, analyze 3D exercise movements, and learn from their training history through beautiful, interactive, and actionable graphs.

After its launch, within just 4 months, the app reached the milestone of 20,000 downloads and gained more than 1,000 monthly active users. Furthermore, the app was featured by Apple in the App Store multiple times across various countries.


Echo Tracking is an app to notify people you love when you are on the way. When you start a ride, you can notify everyone in your group that you are moving so they can track you real time to ensure that you are safety during the travel.


2010 — 2015
Porto Alegre

My final BA Graphic Design assignment at Uniritter Laureate Universities consists of a smartphone application directed to the skateboard sports segment, which helps the user to record and share videos of their tricks.

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