Robin Heij

Robin Heij

Creative Developer in Rotterdam, NL, He/him


Creative Developer with a love for design, (board)games, and craft beers.


Developing a web app for our government

Making a government web app with as its main focusses multi-languages (left-to-right and right-to-left) ánd accessibility (WCAG 2.1 A+AA). Also the government has a strict brand design.

A webbased video-documentary at Takeda

One of the more ambitious projects I took on was a video documentary for Takeda. This project opened up a whole new world for me as a Creative Developer.
Some features I built:

  • An unconventional progress bar, where the 'emotion' in the video would change the shape of the progress bar
  • A way to take screenshots to be used on the more in-depth pages
  • Beautiful page transitions to those in-depth pages
  • Certain on screen indicators of the existence of those pages
  • A custom cursor that changed itself based on whatever it was hovering

At iO Digital I was the lead developer for this project. We had 4 SCRUM sprints to build this. We were a team of 3 front-end developers, 1 back-end developer, 1 project manager, 1 designer and 1 QA Engineer.

One of my tasks within this project was to also coach on newly hired junior front-end developer, to make sure he could catch up with the 'more senior' developers on this project.

Side Projects


When my girlfriend became pregnant, it occured to us that there are a lot of things you can't eat or drink. Funny thing is, it's not that binary. You can eat a lot of things for e.g. the first 2 trimesters, but not in the third.
I want to make an easy app to store the data we found and show it in an intuitive way. This is made with React Native, although this might be rewritten soon in Flutter.

Environmental Tycoon

A Chris Sawyer inspired game about the environmental. A Tycoon game like any other, with one exception: we don't really care about making money, we care about living eco-systems.
This'll be made in Godot, written in GDScript, for now.


This was fun idea a friend and I had, we were getting tired of hitting the Shift key, when typing something sarcastic.
We build an Electron app to make this easy for us.
It's almost done, we just need to build a way to have the app update itself and then we can ship it.

I have been contemplating the idea of building it in Flutter so that I can also ship it to mobile, as it is primarily designed and developed for desktop machines.



Winner in the category Mobile agency for YipYip.

Work Experience

2024 — Now

I am part of the Team Leerling. A team that is responsible for building software for primary school students.

2024 — Now

Team Rockstars IT is a company that allows for midlancing. A hybrid between working as an employee and being a freelancer.

I am working in the Rotterdam Chapter, and I am a part of the front-end tribe.

2021 — 2023
Rotterdam, NL

Developed several front-end web applications for various clients. From SPA's mainly focussed on eye-candy to back-end dashboards, from internationalisation to accessibility, from working for a startup to working for the government.

Also responsible for the tech stack at the company for front-end development. Although each project has its own wants and needs, the stack usually consists of at least (but not limited by): React, NextJS, PostCSS for CSS Modules, the usage of Typescript & GraphQL, Framer Motion/GSAP and Storybook.
Set up a way of maintaining quality by setting up linters for CSS, Typescript and the commit message on git.

Also guided development interns.

2020 — 2021
Rotterdam, NL

Started working at Burst Digital as a front-end developer. As part of one of the two squads worked on several projects for clients as IFFR, Takeda, Hero Group, Zino Davidoff, Aviko and Eurofiber.

Later, Burst Digital merged with iO Digital. My role within the company didn't change, although the company itself changed a lot, where we started as a firm with around 30 people, we were now part of a company of more than a 1000.

2015 — 2019
Rotterdam, NL

As a Designer at YipYip I am responsible for the interaction- and visual design of apps, games and websites. I pursue to design a great intuitive interface for users that is pixel perfect, fresh and well-adapted to current trends and standards. As a front-end developer at YipYip I am responsible for a well coded website, that is also adapted to current techniques and standards. I pursue to code everything very scalable and responsive.


2010 — 2015
Rotterdam, NL

I got my degree in Communication and Multimedia Design