Brian Felix

Brian Felix




For the "Spiteful" music video, I had the opportunity to direct the video with a skeleton crew. The concept for the video was developed by the artist IX Wulf, and our shared vision was to create a raw and stripped-down visual experience, free from unnecessary embellishments.

The assignment was to capture the essence of the song and translate it into a visually compelling narrative. IX Wulf and I crafted a video that authentically portrayed the raw emotion and intensity of the song. The result was a visually powerful and unfiltered music video that stayed true to the artist's creative vision.


Bears Discover Fire is a Columbia University MFA thesis film and an adaptation of Terry Bisson's award-winning short story.

As the behind-the-scenes photographer for the short film, I had the privilege of documenting the production process, capturing candid moments of the talented cast and crew. Through my photography, I aimed to provide a glimpse into the film's atmosphere, set design, and the collaborative spirit that brought the story to life.

These behind-the-scenes images serve as a visual storytelling companion to the film, immersing viewers in the creative process and offering a unique perspective.

Side Projects


The assignment for the Get Sh*t Done 2019 Calendar stemmed from the urban legend about Jerry Seinfeld's approach to creativity. I was inspired by his practice of marking each day he showed up to work with a red X on a calendar. With this in mind, I set out to design a calendar that would serve as a motivational tool for users to stay committed to their craft. The thought process behind the final output was to create a functional and visually engaging calendar that inspired daily commitment and progress toward personal and professional aspirations.

From concept to execution, I designed, printed, and sold the "Get Shit Done Calendar." Combining functionality and aesthetics, this calendar not only helps individuals stay organized but also adds a touch of inspiration to their daily lives. Through visually stunning product photography and reaching #4 Product of the Day on Product Hunt, the calendar became a testament to effective design and creative entrepreneurship.

  • Created and developed the concept for a quarterly magazine featuring creative work from underrepresented artists along with a supporting Discord server called The Workshop and a 24/7 Discord Livestream called Right Now Radio to play music.
  • Designed cohesive branding.
  • Led a team of designers, writers, and photographers to produce eight issues.
  • Created a website and social media presence to promote the magazine.

Work Experience

2022 — Now
  • Develop a strong understanding of assigned brands and their target audience, resulting in successful and on-brand design layouts
  • Implement art changes efficiently and accurately, ensuring project timelines were met and client satisfaction was achieved
  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of creative and agency processes, contributing to the smooth operation of projects
2015 — Now
  • Led project teams in developing objectives, budgets, and presentation approaches, resulting in consistently high-quality deliverables and that met deadlines.
  • Created cohesive and on-brand final products by developing and executing visual concepts that effectively illustrated brand values and client visions.
  • Refined digital advertising strategies by creating multimedia con- tent for advertising campaigns, resulting in improved performance and ROI.
2022 — 2022
  • Designing and implementing the backend infrastructure for the "Cent Pages" product
  • Fully designing and codifying the AWS Cloud Infrastructure using Terraform
  • Establishing CI/CD pipelines with AWS CodePipeline, CodeBuild, and GitHub for efficient testing and deployment of product changes.
2019 — 2020
New York, NY
  • Developed and implemented a social media calendar that in- creased brand engagement by 20% and helped the company tap into relevant trends and seasonal moments
  • Conducted meetings with staff to discuss production progress, resulting in the successful completion of all projects on time
  • Conceptualized and produced weekly episodes of 'A Drink with James' and 'Fohr Ground' interview podcast, driving a 50% increase in YouTube subscribers.
  • Created original documentary-type film content that helped further develop the brand’s voice and expand on existing content, resulting in a 15% increase in website traffic
2016 — 2018
New York, NY
  • Analyzed user needs and software requirements to determine the feasibility of design within time and cost constraints, resulting in the successful development of several software products
  • Developed a software tool that streamlined interdepartmental communication, resulting in $50k+ in operational cost savings and improved efficiency within the company
  • Created a comprehensive company-wide property management guide containing workflows, policies, procedures, and budgets, improving the overall organization and management of the company’s properties
2014 — 2015
Production Assistant at Our Time Projects
New York, NY
  • Assisted in conducting venue site visits and collated necessary documentation to assess feasibility for production, resulting in successful event planning and execution.
  • Assisted in the post-production of films by organizing and cataloging media assets, leading to a more efficient editing process.
  • Notified supervisors of project progress, equipment needs, and notable expenditures, helping to streamline communication and budget management.


2022 — 2022
  • Developed and distilled creative briefs to facilitate clear communication of the creative processes.
  • Created mood boards and style guides to reinforce the essential elements of the visual brand identity (VBI) and the campaign.
  • Applied PR hooks to build viral campaigns and win earned media for their project.
  • Developed 360-degree (integrated) ad campaigns to influence the audience across a wide variety of media platforms.

Duration: 12 Weeks

Relevance: The course equipped me with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel as an Art Director, enabling me to effectively communicate creative ideas, develop compelling campaigns, and establish a strong visual brand identity across diverse media platforms.

2007 — 2008
Degree in Automotive Engineering at Universal Technical Institute
Exton, PA

Program: U00115 - Automotive Technology

Relevant Coursework: Automotive Engines & Repair, Brakes, Automotive Undercar, Automotive Power Trains, Electronic Fundamentals, Electronic Technology, Climate Control, Fuel & Ignition Systems, Driveability & Emissions, Automatic Transmissions, Electronic Diagnostics, Advanced Diagnostic Systems, Power & Performance IA, Power & Performance IB, Professional Applications, Professional Service Writing, Power & Performance II

GPA: 3.36
Attendance Rate: 93.17%