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I've been curating design assets and resources over the years in Notion, and the collection has more than 3000 items.

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Creating an educational toolkit with design principles, design-thinking frameworks, & cognitive biases.

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Explore your Spotify music streaming stats; top artists and top songs. Discover new music and create Spotify playlists.

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I've been working as an independent designer for over 17 years, and have extensive knowledge of Brand Identity Design, and Digital Product Design. I make projects, create brands, and develop scalable digital products.



Corita challenged both the church and the art world with her expressive creations, stirring a remarkable disruption, and offered fundamental principles, tools, and techniques to enhance and encourage artistic creativity. Corita’s work reflected her concerns about poverty, addressing key themes of racism and war. Her messages of peace and social justice continue to resonate with us today.


Design heuristics are rules of thumb or principles for design, based on empirical and research-informed best practices. By leveraging heuristic evaluation, designers can gain valuable insights into user behavior and preferences, ultimately resulting in a more user-friendly and effective product or service.


AI is more and more performing daily tasks that were once the sole domain of designers, creating a divide between those who welcome the technology and those who reject or fear it.


The best way to start any sustainability or circular economy adoption process is to start with systems and life cycle thinking approach.


Design decisions are being executed at a historically unprecedented pace and scale. And most of them are not for the sake of people but care more about business goals, numbers and making a profit.


Dieter Rams introduced in Braun a systematic design, linked to form and function, its varied products represented a utilitarian aesthetic, coming from the Ulm school. He made a significant contribution to Braun’s image, driving a new design approach focused on functionality.


Our time and energy are increasingly used to manufacture demand, exploit populations, extract resources, fill landfills, pollute the air, promote colonization, and propel our planet’s sixth mass extinction. We have helped to create comfortable, happy lives for some of our species and allowed harm to others; our designs, at times, serve to exclude, eliminate, and discriminate.


To solve big-scale design problems, Don Norman recommends engaging with the community that has these problems and leveraging existing creativity and experience.


How can designers build eco-conscious design practices? What exactly is design’s role in the climate movement? And what other communities and industries should we look to for the way forward?



Enterprise Design Thinking is IBM's approach to applying design thinking at the speed & scale a modern enterprise demands. It helps our teams not only form intent but deliver outcomes - outcomes that advance the state of the art and improve the lives of the people they serve.

✤ Able to discuss and apply basic Enterprise Design Thinking concepts.

✤ Able to identify opportunities to apply Enterprise Design Thinking.