I run design experiments


Designer. Founder. OpenPurpose® (way of service) + OFC (way of work) + BR (way of life).



Work Experience

2020 — Now

Investment holding company. Home of OpenPurpose, OFC and BR. We run experiments to learn new disciplines in different areas of design (digital, physical, retail, architecture, etc) and evolve.

2010 — Now
Stockholm, Sweden

Open Purpose® (prev. 3drops) is an international multidisciplinary design agency founded in Stockholm, Sweden, 2010.

2016 — Now

The antidote to hypergrowth culture. A private platform for creatives to experiment with new ideas through our tools, processes and network.

2022 — Now

A new lifestyle brand. Coming soon.



I started Compliment to learn about retail design. I rented a 2 floor store in the design district of Bangkok and I hired a small team of designers (3d and art director) to explore new ideas for a new kind of retail space.

We explored a range of different directions to showcase our brands and products on the first floor, and turn the second floor to our studio where the products were designed/prototyped.

After months of exploration for a premium brand store design, I changed the direction for a more flexible design to create a multi-purpose space. A combination of store, exhibition and event.

We created a modular interior design that we could adjust based on our needs for the type of product/event we were presenting. A new experience everytime you walk in.

After a year, due to moving out of Thailand, I decided to close the space. I'm taking these learnings to setup remote popup shops for BR in different corners of world with the help of a small local team now that we've simplified the process and components we need down to a minimum.


I started Inen (Innovative Enterprises) to learn how accelerators/incubators work. I hired a full-time business analyst and together we spent the next 6 months researching every single small to medium VC/Accelerator/Incubator around the globe to learn their way of work. Mainly what made each desirable for their investors and founders.

At the time, I was working with the CEO of one of the largest enterprises in Thailand with my team at OP to merge a dozen of their apps into one mega app that covered all entertainment and shopping needs of their businesses and customers. On the side, we explored new product ideas to future-proof their businesses.

It was during this time it finally clicked for me. A new kind of Incubator, backed by an enterprise, limited to 12 months run, to turn their industry insights into world-class enterprise-facing SaaS solutions (3-5 years contracts), lead by their top executives/talents in-house.

A little recycling studio within their corporation that is ran by us, independent from their internal politics, that is focused on turning their in-house ideas, insights, proven processes/workflows into new startups lead by their best performing members.

A 12 months program to identify the hidden potential within their leadership/team and guide them through the process of design and development to create a world-class product. Then use the Enterprises partners/network to bring in other enterprises to try the solution.

At the end, 2 years later, I had to put this venture on-hold. The right idea, structure, but wrong partner. The time and location wasn't right for this. May revisit this once I settle in a new country and discover a better enterprise partner.


Renklar was an experiment I started to learn sustainable manufactoring with local factories and organic packaging. The process, cost and marketing needed to start and grow a small self-care brand.

After launching our first few products, I decided to close this venture and bring all of our physical products/experiments under one brand called BR →


I started Reserved to learn about more about fashion by experimenting with 1-1 branded pieces that we would remix by applying new graphics and customise the patterns.

I hired a talented stylist, created an instagram account and store to begin our experiments. All designs were made on unique, high-end brands to learn what makes each piece unique.

We also treated it to off load pieces we would purchase but never used or experiments we ran for our own clothing brand that didn't make the cut. A recycling system for pieces we ended up not using.