Blake Mealey

Blake Mealey

Software Developer in Milwaukee, WI


A full stack software developer passionate about user experience and building high quality software. I am especially interested in enabling other developers through tools with great DX.

Work Experience

2018 — 2021
Calgary, Canada

Highly motivated contributor always looking for ways to improve team efficiency and product quality. Worked on the full stack to deliver web and electron apps, and API SDKs:

  • Worked on a virtual whiteboard web app product that digitized sticky-note processes
  • Built and maintained Nureva's SDKs including REST APIs and CLIs for managing IoT devices


  • DevOps expert on my team with experience in Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, Azure Pipelines, and Azure
  • Frontend expert on my team with extensive knowledge of the web platform for building apps in Angular and React
  • Backend leader on my team with experience designing, writing, and maintaining high quality C# code


  • Strong architectural design and implementation skills leading full stack projects from start to finish with attention to detail
  • Designing SDKs (libraries, REST APIs and CLIs) with great DX
  • Self-motivated to find ways to improve processes, quality, and to learn more
2016 — 2017
Calgary, Canada

Summer internships in 2016 and 2017

  • Worked in Java to improve in-house UI and PDF automated testing frameworks
  • Developed automated UI tests



A CLI for working with Nureva's APIs. It enables you to:

  • Get OAuth2 access tokens for Nureva's APIs
  • Create and manage mock IoT devices to test your code against
  • Manage your Nureva-connected IoT devices from the command line

I first built this as an internal tool to improve the developer experience (DX) of working with and testing our APIs. When my team's product owner saw the first demo he immediately suggested we publish this externally as well to improve the DX for our customers as well.

Side Projects


An infra-as-code and deployment tool for Roblox built with Rust.


A CLI for generating high quality documentation from Azure Pipelines YAML templates.

I built this while I was working at Nureva to increase the use of our internal collection of Azure Pipeline YAML templates. The tool aids in writing documentation by removing the need to duplicate metadata that exists in the files themselves.


A VSCode extension for generating a Windows Terminal colour scheme from the currently active VSCode colour theme.

I love VSCode and Windows Terminal, and I love my colour schemes! I got the idea to use the same theme for both, but I wanted an easy tool to get the job done so that whenever I change my scheme I don't have to manually create a new WT theme. Thus, this VSCode extension was born.


2014 — 2018
Calgary, Canada
  • Achieved a GPA of 3.7
  • Favourite courses included: Computer Haptics, Games Programming, Computing Machinery, Software Entrepreneurship, Database Management Systems
  • Faculty of Science Dean’s List for each year in attendance
  • University of Calgary Undergraduate Merit Awards in 2016 and 2017