Berk Γ‡apar

Berk Γ‡apar

Product Builder 🧒 in Berlin

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4 months ago

Tech builder who loves ramen 🍜

Work Experience

2023 β€” Now

Stunt AI is a powerful AI copywriter that can generate social media ads, sales materials, and business communications.

It is powered with ChatGPT 4, trained and specialized with guidelines and best cases for each topic. Users only have to specify important inputs about what they want to generate as easily as filling out a form, and many enhanced AI-generated results will be generated by StuntAI, instantly!

We're a small team with big ambitions to make social media managers, sales professionals, and copywriters' lives easy.

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2023 β€” Now
  • Okay, it's time to work on something more fulfilling and different. Yara is a 100-year-old company specializing in agricultural products.

  • The challenge is simple yet important, how to support farmers and food producers in their daily work while fighting increasing demand and climate change.

  • Currently, product managing three digital products by working on different problems for different user groups. So far so good! πŸ‘¨πŸ½β€πŸŒΎπŸ‘¨πŸ½β€πŸŒΎπŸ‘¨πŸ½β€πŸŒΎ

2022 β€” 2023
  • So you know Stack Overflow, right? The biggest Q&A platform for developers that has 100 Million traffic each month?

  • Well, I worked there as a product manager for their 10 advertisement products. The page has a big traffic, so gained valuable experience of how to work with a HUGE user base.

  • Launched new advertisement products from ideation to execution, led user research, and rapid experiments. Key learning for me is working with data and machine learning, so it boosted my interest in the AI revolution. πŸ€–

2019 β€” 2021
  • I learned how to code a bit and it sparked my interest to work more tech-centric, rather than being a copywriter ninja.

  • My role changed to be a product manager for Samsung's digital products which was the biggest client for Bond Digital.

  • I was responsible for 9 digital products, launched several apps, and increased the advertisement revenue, user retention, sign-ups and many other KPIs for the products that I was responsible for.

2017 β€” 2019
  • Good and extremely creative times when I was a copywriter who created advertising ideas for Bond Digital's web and mobile inventory daily.

  • I even won two awards for two of my ideas/execution that I crafted for Nestle and Unilever. πŸŽ–οΈπŸŽ–οΈ

  • I also acted as project manager for the projects(approx. 30 projects) that clients have approved.

2014 β€” 2017
Project Manager on different advertisement agencies at, Cosmic Creative, Narkoz Digital
  • When my university time was ending, I was sold by the idea of working in marketing, especially in advertisement agencies.

  • I completed my internships and junior full-time experience as a project manager in different advertisement agencies with a broad range of variations such as social media, video production, and web development projects.

  • Cool people, fast pace, high to the highest pressure, definitely recommend it, if you freshly graduated and read these lines 😺


2012 β€” 2017
Industrial Engineering at TOBB University of Economics and Technology


Front-end Development Bootcamp from Bilge Adam Istanbul