Ben Stukenborg

Ben Stukenborg

Product Design in New York


  • Product design founder at TipTop, Parsley Health, and Latch.

  • 0->1 Consulting: Envisioned 7 go-to-market products based on in-depth interviews/analysis

  • Led redesign of 3 massive systems: CalAmp's IoT device management platform, Latch's access management system, and Parsley Health's membership billing model

  • Conducted over 100 interviews with customers, distilling causal forces (jobs-to-be-done)

  • Building Architect turned Information Architect after cofounding 3 emerging market startups (mobile money billing in Kenya, smart meter in Haiti, earthbag houses in Haiti)

Work Experience

2018 — Now
Product & UX Research Consultant at Freelance
New York

I help early-stage teams go 0->1. Previous clients: Croissant, Supernow, Affect Therapeutics, Atomic Returns, Cove/Feelmore Labs, Vowel, Goldman Sachs Marcus

2022 — 2023
New York / Los Angeles

Designed TipTop from the ground up, including TipTop Cash

2021 — 2021
Associate Design Director [Contract] at Frog Design

Led redesign of CalAmp's IoT device management system

2017 — 2018
New York

First product design hire. Re-architected access provisioning system so that building managers could edit access to 100s of people and 100s of doors via a 'Key' (the fundamental concept we envisioned).

2016 — 2017
Product Designer [Contract] at Meta
Menlo Park
  • Business Integrity team: Redesigned Ads Policy page, resulting in 3.9% increase in ad re-creation amongst advertisers who violated a policy

  • Targeting team: Designed Value-based Lookalikes beta so that marketers could ascribe LTV to lists of customers they used to seed Lookalikes

2015 — 2015
Mountain View
  • Designed research data management system for PIs

  • Designed digital version of NASA TLX, which won NASA Software of the Year, 1st Runner Up.

2013 — 2014
Cofounder at RemoteCycle

Started subscription billing company for mobile money markets. Designed and built billing system and launched pilot in Nairobi, Kenya with SmartLife (IDEO-incubated).

2011 — 2013
Cofounder at Local Energy Technologies

Started smart metering company, managed hardware and software development, designed demand-management interfaces, and piloted beta in Port-au-Prince in December, 2012.

2010 — 2011
Cofounder & Architect at Arxterra

Prototyped earth houses in post-earthquake Haiti


2016 — 2016
Master of Human-Computer Interaction (Dropout) at Carnegie Mellon University

Dropped out to stay at Facebook.

2006 — 2011
Bachelor of Architecture at Oklahoma State University