Ben Stukenborg

Ben Stukenborg

Product Design in New York


  • Product design founder at TipTop, Parsley Health, and Latch.

  • 0->1 Consulting: Envisioned 7 go-to-market products based on in-depth interviews/analysis

  • Led redesign of 3 massive systems: CalAmp's IoT device management platform, Latch's access management system, and Parsley Health's membership billing model

  • Conducted over 100 interviews with customers, distilling causal forces (jobs-to-be-done)

  • Building Architect turned Information Architect after cofounding 3 emerging market startups (mobile money billing in Kenya, smart meter in Haiti, earthen houses in Haiti)

Work Experience

2018 — Now
Product & UX Research Consultant at Freelance
New York

I help early-stage teams go 0->1. Previous clients: Croissant, Supernow, Affect Therapeutics, Atomic Returns, Cove/Feelmore Labs, Vowel, Goldman Sachs Marcus

2022 — 2023
New York / Los Angeles

Designed TipTop from the ground up, including TipTop Cash (iOS app to 'cash out' your used devices with courier pickup and instant payment) and TipTop Pay (Shopify app for buying items with a buyback guarantee).

2021 — 2021
Associate Design Director [Contract] at Frog Design

Led redesign of CalAmp's IoT device management system

2018 — 2019
Product Design Lead at Parsley Health
New York

First product design hire. Led redesign of membership model and internal billing system. Prototyped diagnostics product.

2017 — 2018
New York

First product design hire. Re-architected access provisioning system so that building managers could edit access to 100s of people and 100s of doors via a 'Key' (the fundamental concept we envisioned).

2016 — 2017
Product Designer [Contract] at Meta
Menlo Park
  • Business Integrity team: Redesigned Ads Policy site, resulting in 3.9% increase in ad re-creation amongst advertisers who violated a policy

  • Targeting team: Designed Value-based Lookalikes beta so that marketers could ascribe LTV to lists of customers they used to seed Lookalikes

2015 — 2015
Mountain View
  • Designed research data management system for PIs

  • Designed digital version of NASA TLX, which won NASA Software of the Year, 1st Runner Up.

2013 — 2014
Cofounder at RemoteCycle

Started subscription billing company for mobile money markets. Designed and built billing system and launched pilot in Nairobi, Kenya with SmartLife (IDEO-incubated).

2011 — 2013
Cofounder at Local Energy Technologies

Started smart metering company, managed hardware and software development, designed demand-management interfaces, and piloted beta in Port-au-Prince in December, 2012.

2010 — 2011
Cofounder & Architect at Arxterra

Prototyped earth houses in post-earthquake Haiti



Radically simplified the existing Croissant app, condensing the information architecture.


Designed iOS app to 'cash out' your used devices with courier pickup and instant payment.

Helping parents find and book learning adventures for their kids at Supernow

6-week project where we designed and shipped a new 'explore' and 'scheduling' experience. And another follow-on project to create a free trial and subscription experience.

Simplifying the device management paradigm at frog/CalAmp

Brought on frog project as a principal designer to solve significant issues with how their AEs and customers used their IoT device management software (ex: sensors used to monitor vaccines during transport). Everyone was asking for better search and bulk actions and groups, but the underlying issue was a paradigm one. We introduced a new concept called 'Profiles' that radically simplified the experience of managing devices.

Creating a Neurostimulation Companion at Feelmore Labs / Cove App

Designed companion app for vibration-based neurostimulation headset.


2016 — 2016
Master of Human-Computer Interaction (Dropout) at Carnegie Mellon University

Dropped out to stay at Facebook.

2006 — 2011
Bachelor of Architecture at Oklahoma State University