Igor Bedesqui

Igor Bedesqui

Web Developer in Lisbon, Portugal, He/they

Trying to build something worth stealing

6 months ago


Crafting web experiences with care.
Exploring design, UX, and interactivity.

Side Projects


Save your beautiful one liners from the Try Catch Tower of Terror.


The best way to read, compare, and share the Enchiridion.


Beautiful real-time tracking of the International Space Station.



Think is an annual event hosted by IBM. This year my team and I were tasked with the creation of the digital experience for the event.

The delivery was divided into three phases, each with significant changes to the website.

  1. Pre-event - During this phase, we focused on making the registration process as easy as possible while delivering relevant information about the themes that would be talked about during the event and the speakers.
  2. Live - We partnered with other teams inside IBM to stream the live event right from our homepage, and as recordings became available we started serving them through an on-demand library.
  3. Post-event - After the main Think event, there were smaller, focused, physical events around the globe called Think on-tour. During this phase of the website, we provided a hub for users to explore relevant Think on-tour events along with more on-demand videos and speakers.

The website was translated into 8 languages, and while it had 900+ pages during the live phase, this number quickly grew to more than 2000 during the Post-event phase.

I used NextJS, Contentful, Carbon Components, SCSS, and other tools during development.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you want to learn more about this project!



This is an award made for those that can't help but be around in a way that benefits the community, but more importantly, benefits Theo. For people that should probably be creators themselves, but for whatever reason just let Theo use their content.

Work Experience

2022 — 2023
Fullstack Developer at Aubay
2020 — 2022
São Paulo

• Led the development of the IBM THINK 2022 digital experience. Resulting in 121K unique page views across 1500+ pages translated into 9 languages, driving 39K visits to other IBM.com pages.
• Led the open source exploration initiative, evaluating and implementing bleeding edge tech to IBM Blue Studio projects.
• Trained colleagues in React, Typescript, and NextJS through presentations, one on one sessions, and collaborative work.
• Was responsible for the development and technical decisions for ibm.com/events.
• Created pages and maintained one-of-a-kind assets made in collaboration with external agencies and multidisciplinary teams for ibm.com /industries, /consulting, and /services.


2019 — 2021
Technician of Systems analysis and development at Universidade Cruzeiro do Sul
São Paulo, Brazil