Bárbara Nogueira

Bárbara Nogueira

Digital Designer in Porto, Portugal


Always searching for visual, interactive, and technical solutions that elevate people's experience within the digital world.

Work Experience

2024 — Now
Freelance Designer
2021 — 2023
2020 — 2021
2018 — 2019
2016 — 2018



Together with the Onda Studio team, I worked on the brand identity and website for Banyan, a company focused on providing decentralized data storage.

Every element of the brand identity works to represent the interconnection between the convenience of digital technology and the nostalgia and ease of traditional storage systems — the colour palette, the quirky serif font, and the illustrations — all of them aim to communicate the past and future of storage.


As a designer at Onda Studio, I helped launch Cubist — a web3 platform that seeks to allow developers to use familiar programming languages and integrated services for building and deploying applications.

By exploring Cubism fragmentation concept, we created a narrative that represents a place where developers can connect different languages, and build the future of the web.


As the project lead on the team at Onda Studio, I helped create the brand identity, strategy, and website design for Aura — an autonomous issuance platform for credit and savings for digital assets. We explored the concept of metamorphosis and movement throughout the brand identity and website, to represent the growth and transfer of digital assets among people.

We explored motion graphics, creative coding, micro animations, and interactions to provide an engaging and truly immersive scroll experience for the user.


Finiam is a small and curious team focused on the development of fintech products. I worked as project lead to position them as they are: human, approachable, and skillful. We revamped their visual identity by adding colour, movement, motion, and illustration to the brand.


As part of the Bürocratik team, I worked as a designer on the website and helped with the art director for photography and video for Ferro — a steel production company.

Side Projects


Nevoazul is a bilingual magazine that explores the relations humans have with technology. In 2019, with a change in the magazine’s theme and concept, Nevoazul invited me to rethink its communication and editorial design. The new design works white space as an integral part of the layout, thus giving the reader a quiet space to absorb the information and disconnect from technology.

The latest issue of Nevoazul is dedicated to “A More Gentle Internet” and occupies the space between past and future, reflecting on today’s web as a space for knowledge and empathy.


A series of curated playlists that I update regularly, and that mirror my all-time love for music. They change from deep techno, tezeta sounds, 90s hip-hop, to Japanese ambient really quickly. You can check them through my Spotify profile.


2014 — 2016
Porto, Portugal

Thesis 'The Written Word: Reading Experience On The Screen'