Anshuman Dhar

Anshuman Dhar

Sr. UX Designer in Seattle, he/him

Vibing and surviving, and always on the lookout to learn more about kind people solving interesting problems ✨

A year ago


💼 Currently I work at Beyond, making software for people who manage houses on Airbnb, VRBO and the like

🎓 Did my Masters in HCI from University of Washington, Seattle

⏳ Before that I was at Samsung working on all things Voice, AI and Multi-modal interactions

🥰 Nerds out about Design Systems, Behavioural Psychology, Conversational Design, Digital Wellbeing, Misinformation and Music


Digital Wellbeing +

"I picked up my phone for a second, and didn't realise where the last hour went"... Chances are, you've either heard this, or experienced this yourself.
A lot of times, our technology use feels out of our control.

As a class project, I explored a balance with technology that feels right for the person using it. A humble relationship with our devices which is more mindful of how human we are.

Attention, Computing and Focus

As a part of my Capstone, working on making work easier for people with ADHD.

To reduce information overload and support focus, we're designing an adaptive UI solution across devices, which puts people's intention above all.


If most hiring managers and recruiters are only going to spend 1min on my portfolio, why not make it easier for anyone to see my skills and process?

If I was a product, this is what my product launch video would look like.


In the process of learning to use Webflow to eventually make my portfolio, I ended up making a parody website.

It is both a massive attac on myself and most designers out there.


Redesigned the Times Of India, a news app with a user base of over 70 million users globally. (For any non-Indians reading this, think - 'the indian equivalent of New York Times)

What I did:
Established an atomic design system from scratch, which improved consistency across a multitude of content categories.

Utilized rapid prototyping to test interactions, communicate with stakeholders and developers, alongside handoff-ready UI.


Worked on a peer-learning mobile app for emerging markets in rural areas, adopted by 610 active users within 40 days of launch.

Conducted research, ideation, wireframing and created end-to-end user flows. Iterated and validated design by testing and conducting focus group studies. Also worked with constraints like low internet connectivity.


Led a team of 2 designers and 4 developers to design and ship a mobile app, which currently has 5,000+ downloads and an average retention rate of 35% per month.

Work Experience

2022 — Now

Working to make the best revenue management solutions for short-term rental managers and owners

2021 — 2021
Bangalore, India

Voice-AI and Multimodal Interactions

2020 — 2021

Designed, shipped and learnt a ton while working with a couple of the best designers in India.

2018 — 2020
Guwahati, India

Till date, some of the most impactful work I've done.

2019 — 2019
Bangalore, India

With the Voice and AI UX Team, explored how we can make talking to an AI more natural.

2018 — 2019
Guwahati, India

My first time leading a team of designers and developers.

Side Projects


Co-founded a mentorship platform for Indian Designers across all fields (think ADPList, but before that was a thing)



While learning to address the challenges of online mis- and disinformation.
My team and I were interested in providing a social media experience that prioritizes slower introspective and analytic processing over fast intuitive reactions.


Took part in UXplorer 2019: 360° Experience Design, organised by YUJ Designs and placed 3rd nationally. Was flown in and awarded at the ceremony.


Presented my work on a system which analyzes & recommends ways to optimise attention in the Indian Conference on Human-Computer Interaction


I participated in World UX Championship'18, and advanced to the semi-finals and secured a position among the top 25 students in the world. 150 different universities from all around the globe had been invited to be part of World User Experience Championship and had to send their top UX students to participate.


Won this recognition, for designing a system which allows people to conveniently access items in a library. This includes an app, and a voice companion — for an in-person experience.



Spoke about my journey, all things design mentorship and the story of how Command+J was founded.