Austin Connelly

Austin Connelly

Frontend Software Engineer in San Francisco | New York, He/Him


Senior Frontend Engineer with 8+ years of experience developing intuitive and engaging web applications. Proficient in React and Vue. Driven by a passion for UX and design, brings a unique perspective to each project and continuously strives for excellence. Has a proven track record of delivering results in both autonomous and cross-functional, collaborative environments. Values continuous learning, creativity, and the importance of user experience.

Work Experience

2023 — 2024
San Francisco
  • Owned frontend for 8-person Device Data Visualization Product, launched product to 300 customers, supporting 800,000+ devices

  • Led department-wide process improvements, including an overhaul of the development onboarding process and frontend interviews, as well as various AGILE processes

  • Collaborated closely with design and product to refine and implement Kandji’s design system

Tech Stack: React, Typescript, Storybook, Radix, StyleX

2022 — 2023
Technical Cofounder at Aldr
San Francisco
  • Led seed-raising process, design, web development and product for Aldr, building first-of-their-kind NFC tags to offer a new way to authenticate physical presence

  • Designed and built two-sided product platform for users to distribute and collect experience-based, non-fungible tokens via NFC tags, QR Codes, and generative links

Tech Stack: React, Typescript, Tailwind, HTML, Figma

2018 — 2022
San Francisco
  • Designed and built core features of Untapped using VueJS and modern frontend tools

  • Grew the company from 10 employees to over 80, from seed funding to a $50M Series C

  • Owned UI & unit testing to bring coverage of high-impact products to 90%

  • Implemented Typescript and design systems sitewide

Tech Stack: VueJS, SASS, HTML, Typescript, Jest, Datadog

Side Projects


Personal Developer Portfolio built with Next, React, and Stylex


2011 — 2015
Stanford University

Computer Science