Software Engineer in Florida, she/her


I make code, bake cookies, and love flowers 🌹



Birthday Quest is a platform to create virtual birthday cards for your friends to easily sign. Users can sign in with Discord (using Clerk), and are then able to create & share birthday cards, or sign cards sent by others. The platform is open source and runs completely on React server components, with Drizzle.


Everly is a white-label Discord bot that provides rich social media notifications to Discord servers. It's completely serverless, allowing for infinite bots.

Built on top of the T3 stack using Prisma, tRPC and tailwind; with Clerk for managing user authentication, and Sentry for error logging.


Dripleaf was a Minecraft server hosting platform. Users could create a completely free server, and join it within game. On the panel users have complete control over their server to execute commands, manage files, and even add additional people to manage their server.

The entire frontend and backend are hosted on serverless architecture, meaning it can scale infinitely.

Side Projects


Tonetags is an open-source site amassing hundreds of monthly visitors. Built with Astro, it provides an easy way to display commonly used tone tags/indicators and inform people of their definitions.


Not to be confused with the programming language Elixir; Elixr is a completely open-source, serverless Discord bot for granting roles to members who have hit certain streaming goals on albums.


Keycard was a serverless Discord verification bot, made using tRPC, Prisma, and Cloudflare Turnstile


Clowder was a profile picture sharing service. Users could create an account and upload profile pictures, then staff would approve profile pictures before they were public on the site. Users could then "like" them, and download them if they wanted. The site followed a cartoonish pink theme, with all of the assets custom made by me.

Work Experience

2024 — Now
Web Developer at Starfury Studios

Solely responsible for managing the frontend side of projects handled by Starfury Studios.

2024 — Now

Ingot is an upcoming server hosting platform, making scaling for Minecraft servers generally accessible. At Ingot, I'm responsible for Anvil, our custom frontend that interacts with our APIs to provide a smooth user experience.


2021 — Now

Responsible for managing Discord events for Powfu, with hundreds of fans tuning in for AMAs. Directly communicated with a marketing manager from SME to make sure everything ran smoothly.

2023 — 2024

During my time at Minehut, I was responsible for keeping services to Minehut moderated, and stayed in close contact with employees from internal teams.

2022 — 2023

Up until its shutdown in October 2023, I was in charge of reviewing user reports for images, managing domain donations, and keeping the service nice and clean; as well as handling user support requests and fixing problems for them.


2017 — 2022