Asheer Rizvi

Asheer Rizvi

Front-end Developer in India, He/him


I am a design-focused front-end developer based in India. I create user interfaces with a focus on responsive design, web standards, accessibility, and performance.

Work Experience

2021 — Now

Front-end developer working on Hyphen and Biconomy’s new SDK.

Initially, I was working on Hyphen’s front-end. Currently, I am leading the efforts to re-build our front-ends using React, Next.js, CSS Modules, Jest, the React Testing Library, Cypress, etc.

Helped the team develop a robust front-end stack with a focus on scalability, performance, web standards, and testing.

2020 — 2021

I joined as the company’s first front-end developer and worked on the front-end stack from the ground up.

For interactivity, the initial product prototype was built with jQuery; we refactored that initial code to use Vanilla JavaScript.

Later, we introduced React, Next.js, styled-components, Jest, Cypress, etc. helped the team transition from a monolith to a modern, modular codebase.

2018 — 2020
Lucknow, India

I worked as a network engineer for Cisco Managed Services. The profile entailed providing support to over 70 clients and cut across platforms such as Linux, EM7, ServiceNow, and Splunk.

2017 — 2018
Pune, India

I worked as a mainframe engineer for Credit Suisse. The role mainly involved working with COBOL, JCL, IBM DB2, VSAM, and CICS.



Cross chain bridge, liquidity pools and farms. Uses React, Tailwind, React Query and ethers.


The newly launched careers page for Biconomy. Uses NextJS, Tailwind and APIs from Workable.


Built using NextJS, Tailwind and Strapi CMS this is the official website of Marvin.


Inspired from React's official tutorial this is a Tic Tac Toe game with a twist. It uses Monte Carlo Simulation to give you an opponent which is impossible to beat.


A Java application to monitor earthquakes around the world and categorise them.


Text editor with spelling suggestions, auto complete and other features built in Java.


A small Google Maps clone, built using graphs utilizing BFS, Dijkstra & A* search.


Done as a part of an amazing specialisation by UCSD this is a Java program which models the flow of information through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.


2013 — 2017