Ashan Madhushanka

Ashan Madhushanka

Creative designer | Nomad in St. Julians, Malta

Helping small businesses while nomading! ✈️

8 months ago


As a Creative Designer, I offer a diverse range of creative services and innovative solutions. Interested in collaborating or discussing a creative project? Let's bring your ideas to life together.



In the dynamic world of martial arts, I had the privilege of creating a strong online presence for 10th Planet Perry. Leveraging Framer, I designed an intuitive, visually appealing, and highly responsive website that mirrors the academy's passion and expertise. This project captures the essence of 10th Planet Perry, offering an immersive experience for visitors while serving as an informative hub for students and potential members. Crafting this website has been an incredible journey, contributing to the academy's success in the digital realm.


As a passionate web designer, I had the privilege of revamping the Finishers MMA website using Framer. My goal was to create an engaging platform that reflects the spirit of Finishers MMA. With Framer's features, I designed an intuitive, dynamic, and visually captivating website that provides a seamless user experience for martial arts enthusiasts. The result is an informative and appealing website that mirrors the dedication of the Finishers MMA team. It's been a fulfilling project, enhancing the academy's online presence and accessibility.

Side Projects


Work Experience

2018 — Now
Remote | Bethlehem, US

In my role as Creative Director at Finishers MMA, I currently oversee brand identity, strategize creative approaches, maintain websites, design advertisements, lead brainstorming sessions, manage social media, and contribute to graphic design. These responsibilities are all aimed at enhancing Finishers MMA's visual presence and driving its marketing efforts, contributing to the brand's ongoing growth and success.

2019 — Now
Remote | Maine, US

As the Creative Director at Socially Winning LLC, I am responsible for preserving and enhancing brand identity across various platforms. My role involves devising effective marketing strategies, creating compelling advertisements, facilitating brainstorming sessions, supervising social media management for multiple restaurants, and contributing to graphic design initiatives. My work directly impacts the success of clients like Fabio Viviani Hospitalities and their associated restaurants, ensuring a consistent and engaging online presence.

2017 — Now
2020 — Now
2018 — 2018
Graphic designer at Courtney Monet Randolph
Remote | Detroit, US
2017 — 2018
Junior Graphic designer at Pixart (pvt) ltd.
Colombo, Sri Lanka

As a Junior Graphic Designer at Pixart, I contributed to the creative team by assisting in the development and execution of visual design concepts. Collaborating closely with senior designers, I played a pivotal role in creating eye-catching marketing materials, including digital and print assets.